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The Rich Legacy of India

BY: Ravinder Sharma | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2010-01-29

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   Ravinder Sharma
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India is a wonderful country with varied cultures. The dissimilarity in physical, weather conditions and the degree of contact to other customs and traditions have greatly influenced the beliefs and backgrounds of the diverse areas. There is an indispensable factor common to the whole of India, with disparity in the traditions based on their confined requirements and power. Further, the eminence of India lies in her accommodating the best from all the intruders and blending the new customs and approaches with the present day culture. This is visible in all features, i.e., different music, folk dances, painting, sculptures, and architecture.

The rich cultural heritage tours of India strike a chord of the glorious ancient times and the imposing life of the Indian emperors. From Northern India to Southern India and East India to West India, the historic tomb stones, remnants of the forts and the palaces exhibit the connoisseurs' expert skill over art and architecture. This effervescent art and architecture demonstrated in the Indian monuments developed into the basis of fascination for the overseas travelers as -Heritage Tour of India-. The world renowned heritage cenotaphs of India are mesmerizing Taj Mahal, enchanting Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri in Agra; Qutab Minar and the Homerun's Tomb in Delhi; stunning Elephant Caves in Mumbai; the Ajanta and Ellora Caves in the city of Aurangabad; The Sun Temple in the Konark, Orissa, is a live manifestation of excellent work done in the ancient times; Group of Monuments in Mahabalipuram; the Churches and the Convents in Goa spell out the Indian diversity; Group of cenotaphs in the wonderful city of Khajuraho; Group of Monuments in Hampi, and others. Humpy.

The heritage trips of India also introduce the tourist to heritage hotels like The Taj Lake Palace, Jai Mahal Palace, Ram Bagh Palace and the like in Rajasthan; Nilambagh Palace, Utelia Palace, Wankaner Palace etc. in Gujarat Judge's Court, Taragarh Palace, Nalagarh Fort etc. in Himachal Pradesh; all these offer the very relaxed and well-appointed stay while going through the affluent cultural and legacy tour of the -Incredible India-. The -Legacy Tour of India- is unique and has no match in the world when the voyagers and tourists see the sights in India all the way through Heritage Luxury Trains like - The Palace On Wheels, The Deccan Odyssey, The Royal Orient and The Fairy Queen - that throw an opportunity to get a feel of royal life of the previous Maharajas and the Nawabs of India.

The legacy tours of Incredible India offer an occasion to hang about in the palaces, residences, forts, and havelis of the previous stately families, now, rehabilitated into heritage hotels presenting royal warmth and generosity to its guests.

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About Author / Additional Info: www.goindiatrip.com Ravinder Sharma is the CEO of Go India Trip, an Online Travel Agent company that Provide all over India traveling facility. Visit him at www.goindiatrip.com, call him 9555879148, 8802086171 (24 x 7) or write to him at info@goindiatrip.com. Be sure to sign up for the free email updates when you visit Go India Trip.

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