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The Reasons I Love My Cricut

BY: Evelyn West | Category: Others | Post Date: 2010-02-18

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   Evelyn West
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The Reasons I Love My Cricut

At first, when I heard people talk about the Cricut; I wondered if they meant an insect and couldn't picture what it had to do with scrapbooking. When I realized what Cricut they were talking about, I knew I had to have one. Since then, I've realized that there is a lot more to the Cricut than just scrapbooking. I have since used my Cricut for crafting, school projects, cards making, sign making, and vinyl lettering.

Now, I can't imagine my life without my Cricut (okay, so maybe I can). Before, there were long nights of working on projects, with lots of money spent, and I wasn't ever totally pleased in the end. Now, I can complete projects quickly and I am always so pleased with the results.

I've been thinking about doing a project with vinyl lettering in my home and I'm looking forward to discovering a new way to use my Cricut. These days, vinyl lettering is added to wooden blocks and wooden signs. I've even seen favorite sayings and quotes put right on the wall. Since I love that look, I love that I don't have to worry about the price of professionally made vinyl lettering. Now, I have an easy way to make vinyl lettering of my own and be happy with the results.

Recently, one of my kids was the Star Of The Week at his school. Rather than stewing about his spotlight poster, I cracked out my Cricut and quickly created an adorable and simple collage about him. With the slide of a button and a Cricut cartridge, I can make perfect lettering in any size I want. There are some fantastic accents that came with the machine that I can use to enhance banners, posters and cards. I just love how my Cricut is actually designed to help me save time.

I needed a sign for a girls' camp I was a part of this summer, so I contacted a young girl in the area. We purchased vinyl made just for my machine and selected a Cricut cartridge. After a little coaching, she made a camp flag, all by herself, and it looked wonderful. She had a wonderful time and when she was done, she wanted a Cricut of her own! The best part about the whole thing was that she obviously felt great about what she had made. It looked like it was done professionally and she did it herself.

I was asked to make a block parade banner. The neighbor who assigned me this job and I weren't particularly close, and I was uneasy about it. I wondered if I'd be able to get the project completed in time for the parade, but with my Cricut it was finished in just about an hour. Our friends and neighbors thought the sign was great and kept asking us how we had done it and done it so fast. I happily told them all about my Cricut, and a few said they'd like to try it.

Far more than simply a tool for scrapbooking, my Cricut is something we use just about everyday, and I'm so happy I have one.

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About Author / Additional Info: Kathy Brandon loves scrapbooking and loves her Cricut. She researches new ways to use her Cricut and writes for www.fun-die-cutting.com and www.cricutfan.wordpress.com.

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