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The Real Reason why Children lie to their parents...

BY: M A Silong | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-09-04

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   M A  Silong
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Children lying to their parents is one of the major things/topics that most parents scold their children about. In some children, lying is already very common but in some, it really isn't. But what really makes children lie to their parents?

There are a thousand different reasons why children keep on lying to their parents. A thousand different reasons which (maybe) parents or readers like you may agree or may not agree. But this time, I am only going to give you two top reasons I believe in.

Children are scared . . .

This is the most common reason and my number one reason why children keep on lying to their parents unstoppably. Children are scared that their parents might beat and scold them. They are afraid of their parents' too much strictness. So for them, in order to avoid this, they'll just lie or deny something to their parents that might get them off the hook.

Example, your child failed his three recent tests. He knew that you're going to scold him because of this. So in order to save himself, he's going to lie to you once you ask him about this. If you ask him, he'll irrevocably and straightly tell you, "My tests are excellent. No worries." But when the time that you'll be able to see his report card comes, you'll be surprised that his grades are far from what you are expecting and then you knew that your child lied at you. Of course, you'd be very disappointed because besides from he had really low grades, he also lied at you . . .

Seeking for your attention . . .

This is the reason that I consider second to the most important one. Most parents are very busy from work so they usually ignore their children and sometimes not talk to them. And because your children are missing your caress, they are going to lie at you so they would get your attention.

Example, you came home late and noticed that your child is waiting for you that's why he's still on the couch, sitting and trying not to sleep just to wait for you. You wanted to thank and hug him but you really can't because you're tired from work. With this, he can say, "I won in our investigatory project. I got the first prize competing with fifty other countries." So of course you're going to be glad with that fact and suddenly hugging and kissing him. The child felt very proud that he got your attention- and without your knowledge that he's actually lying . . .

I may have given you very little information at this time. But these two reasons are the reasons I consider based on my experiences. Some say I am only thirteen but I could already right such topics. My experiences are the things that help me write such things that teenagers in my age can't. That's why in some ways, I thank my rude past because if it's not because of them, I'd be very dumb by now on not knowing what's happening around me . . .

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: I may only be thirteen years old, but I can assure you that my experiences can help live and know better . . .

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lie for good
we agree to your statement because we have experienced it for many times,we keep the truth so that nobody will get hurt and for the good of everybody.and also for such person not to be blamed,.. for such mistake..... but then we know it`s really our fault....
jan claudine&melissa 2010-02-14
Melea, I agree with you children lie to their parents for certain reasons. Parents should really understand the situation of their children. they should treat their children like friends so that they can open up to each other. Parents should admit that their children is getting old and matured enough.By the way there is Pros & Cons of being strict to your children,and there is also Pros & Cons when you are not that strict to your children. Parents should try to weigh the situation first.
Candy 2009-09-09
Third Reason
More and more children are fed up of over interference in their life by parents. They want to simply hide their personal life, in order to avoid confrontation. After all there is a generation gap which many parents fail to understand, so children lie to their parents. Another possible reason is when some children see their own parents speaking lying with other people in daily lives, they start feeling that speaking lie is not so bad after all... BTW Melea .. You are so beautiful, God bless you !!
Angelina 2009-09-04

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