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The Psyche and the Existence

BY: buiya | Category: Others | Post Date: 2008-11-08

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So what is our general conception about our psyche, our consciousness? With our shallow understanding based on our senses we conclude that the mind is a small place holder, a small constituent of the cosmos, a subject to its series of causes and effects. Such conceptions never terminate into a complete de scription of reality, as we desire. Such a conception is not complete. It is one sided, like a single face of a coin. What lies at the base of these flaws is our failure to perceive the psyche that lies at the base of all perceptions. We perceive and explain the universe and a host of it's components including the mind and confer them a conceptual explanation, but we often fail to refer to the consciousness that does this all.

Realities, illusions and even possibilities gain their respective status only when the mind conceptualizes them. Existence acquires its nature only when the mind refers to it. For existence to exist, it requires reference by the mind. The psyche lies at the base of all conceptual explanations, let that be the universe, life, creation and destruction and even the mind itself. When consciousness dissolves existence looses its character. It is rightly the Origin of all existence'.

Also, the psyche and the conceptual existence are co-existing. Consciousness can not be concept/ reference free, concepts cannot thrive without consciousness. The conscious mind can never actually realize the concept less states.

As such, till now, we are confronted with two opposite concepts; The psyche as the base of existence and the psyche as a part of existence, the cosmos. It is necessary to realize that both these concepts are simultaneously true, applicable from two distinct views, for none of them can be regarded as superfluous. The theories of science and many of our philosophical beliefs are deeply imbued and based on such monistic either/ or approach of ours which fail to provide us with viable answers and progress infinitely. It is necessary to adopt a clear understanding, it is necessary to expand our definition of reasoning from experimentation to experience so as to achieve access with the distant shore, full of mysteries.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am Soham, a pre-medical student.

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