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The Official Bio of Tracy Haynes

BY: T Page | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-05-08

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   T Page
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Tracy grew up in Toledo, Ohio a two-parent home with his two older sisters. Music was in his blood from the beginning, listening to his father perform with his gospel group, Toledo's Own Gospel Highlights, and singing himself from the impressionable age of two. Picking up where his father left off, Tracy helped form a gospel group, True Faith, at fourteen. The five-part harmony were demanded by, and performed at, several churches in the region.

By the time Tracy made it to high school, the R&B bug had gotten a hold of him and wouldn't let go. Before he was old enough to drink, Tracy was writing and producing for his newest musical creation, All Out. Influenced by Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, P Diddy, and his pastor, Tracy was cranking out hits for his group. The ensemble of seven, made up of five rappers and two singers, enjoyed local success, performing throughout Toledo and the surrounding areas, and receiving radio play from the only urban station in the market. Even with all of the early attention, Tracy's biggest success was still yet to come.
After the group members decided to pursue solo careers, Tracy put his career into overdrive. His full attention was focused on building an audience, and it paid off. He was featured on the local news channel as a Toledo Idol, a segment that showcases a local artist building a name for themselves. His growing popularity allowed him to further expand his brand and showcase his talent, opening up for major artists such as; T-Pain, Yung Joc, Tyrese, Bobby Valentino, Young Dro, Hurricane Chris, and DJ Unk. Without a hint of stage fright in his body, Tracy performed at a show in Detriot hosted by Vivica A. Fox in front of a crowd of more than 5000, and Bash at the Bay, arguably the biggest black event in Northwest Ohio, the crowd reaching over 5000 there as well. It was inevitable that Toledo wouldn't be able to hold this young star for long.

While some people knock it, Myspace has been vital in Tracy's career. In less than a year, Tracy has gathered over 13,000 friends and received over 90,000 plays. His buzz is steadily becoming a mighty roar, and has opened up doors all over the Midwest. Tracy has performed all over Ohio, including Toledo, Lima, Sandusky, Findlay, Cleveland, Columbus, and John Legend's hometown of Springfield. He has also earned praise in Detroit and Fort Wayne, Indiana. And the list continues to grow.

Surprising to many, Tracy's short-term goal is to heavily impact the music industry and make timeless music. But the thing he looks most forward to is using his blessings to give back to his city, building community centers in under-privileged neighborhoods, providing updated computers, daycare centers, youth activities, and educational options. This is the motivation that continues to drive Tracy to succeed in this business.

Outside of writing, producing, and composing music, Tracy enjoys playing basketball, football, bowling and shooting pool, but most of all, raising his two beautiful daughters. Tracy's star not only continues to shine, but is beginning to light up the rest of the nation. Whether stealing hearts, guiding artists, or writing hits, Tracy is not a name to forget.

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