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The Nonsense called 'Art of Living'

BY: SREENIVAS | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2009-11-21

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It is true that religion and its parasitic organizations have exploited mankind to the core in many forms from the medieval period itself. They continue their exploitation and we keep quiet or succumb to their false ideologies. It is time to regain our strength and fight these stupid minds from annihilating the humanity for ever.

A note from website moderator: Who is Rav*******r mentioned below: Since we discourage personal attacks, the real name of the person was censored.. All views in this article are personal views of the author.

I have noticed the growth of such a religious organization called Art of Living since I came back and settled in Bangalore. Art of living is lead by a person named Rav*******r who proclaims to be a saint and great humanitarian. But nobody knows his whereabouts till he suddenly came to the public forefront some years back. There are millions of followers for this movement in Bangalore itself. This includes both educated and uneducated people.

As far as my understanding goes , what they teach is an amalgam of false ideas which has no practical value in day to day life. Let us take two examples. Mr. Rav*******r asks his followers to bear a smiling face all the time. Is it possible ? We become a true human being when we express our self , when we express our emotions ,needs and wants. In our professional life also , we need to be expressive but in an assertive manner.

People who suppress their feelings , people who try to possess a smiling face always eventually falls under the traps of neurosis.

Art of living also teaches their followers that we were given two ears and one mouth for the fact that we should listen more and talk less. I suppose that Mr. Rav*******r has not understood the biological necessity of having two ears. Suppose we are standing in a room among the crowd and people are making noice from here and there. We are able to distinguish the voices from a person standing near to us with a person standing in a far away place because there is a frequency difference when sound reaches in two ears.
If we had only one ear , we will not be able to get this feeling.

This is the way Art of Living misguides common man. The agenda is very clear : Create a set of inert population who never complain about the irregularities and mischievous motives of the state or religion. There are many false ideas again. I request you to read the books by Mr. Rav*******r. Whatever philosophy Art of Living teaches is taken from the stupid Hindu text books and the same is given to people as old wine in new bottles. And there are some tips from yoga also. Every body knows that Hinduvta element is the sponsor of Art of living and its origin is Washington city in USA. This Hinduvta elements have the dual purpose of recruiting people to Hindu religion and making the younger generation inert and hysteric to the imperialistic forces.

The world is becoming a worst place to live day by day because of the threat posed by nations having imperialistic motives and interests. Various religions are playing its role also to make the life uncomfortable in this planet. So it is the time to react to these evil forces and and establish a new world which is structured by creative hope and constructive ideas , where every human being is having equal opportunity to live and progress. Not a world where hatred and stupid philosophies emerge , as what the famous Sri Sri Rav*******r and his movement do

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Keep your narrow mindedness to yourself
AOL is an organisation whose purpose is to help people discover their own self, be in harmony with themselves hence with the whole world. It teaches breathing techniques which help people deal with stress, anxiety and tension..thats it.as simple as that.You said "stupid Hindu texts"?????HOW DARE YOU?JUST MIND YOUR LANGUAGE..if you don`t like AOL,its ok..fair..but keep ur biased views and prejudices to yourself.THANKS.
Krit 2010-02-04
MOTIVATOR has been lately a Western concept .... but we had it in Indian tradition since Vedic times. Revered Ravi ... has renewed it by Art-of-living. The western force has cut in depth into the present Indian mindset & Education system. Art-of-living has to start from the western philosophy and get into the Indian mind. Stress & strain of modern life grows with Age which Art-of-living along with many other Motivators are trying to take us back into the Childish care-free life. Yes, our Gurukul style has to be the final stage for a Happy, Peaceful life. The treatment for every one varies and many are relieved but some take time in accepting reality as the Body & Mind is unique in all.
MONI 2010-01-26
Non-sense Art of Living
Every human-being is different.Some may fit to be followed the path of Ravi---- Some may Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa.The important thing is to awaken the inner power of oneself. I did the course but found that this is not my cup of tea. Cool down and you yourself will get the answer.
Jashodhara Purkayastha 2010-01-21
Religion does divide.. however..
Religion has caused men more misery than peace since time immemorial. There have been many wars fought over it. If the world were without religion, it will be a better place. But, is that possible? Religion is a set of beliefs and being religious is following them. You can choose to follow existing sets of belief like Hinduism or Christianity or Islam or create your own. I feel "Art of Living" is another set of beliefs which does take some bit of "old wine in new bottle" as you put it rightly. But then if many people like it and find pleasure following it, I don`t see no wrong. I really don`t think that tomorrow`s world will be without religion as this is not feasible. Instead I would imagine the world to have many more new religions and set of beliefs than today, more organizations like "Art of Living" will spring up.
Visakh Sankar 2009-11-25
Wow ..
You are really upset with this organization. I read another article of yours .. good work !
Alan Farrow 2009-11-21

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