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The Missing Butterflies From Park

BY: Oasis | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2008-09-14

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-Why is that light dancing?- An innocent question of my five year old nice that got me thinking of so many missing things in our life today that we fail to take notice of because we are so busy with things that are less important.

The celebrity marriage that didn't happen, today's horoscope that advices caution, the colleague that wears tacky clothes to office. Does anyone miss the dash of dancing color that butterflies added to our lives or the sparrows that nested in our homes and we all felt so protective for the hatchlings, only to see them fly away one day. And how about the glow worms? How do you explain to an inquisitive five year old, who has never seen a glow worm before, why or what they are? Well I tried different things but none could convince her. She just could not fathom an insect that carries light with it. She had seen it all; spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches and even the ants that fly in rain. But none of them carried any light. She had read about fairies, but they are supposed to be bigger and may be, carry more light and definitely, grant a wish. I tried telling her that since it was dark and the insect could not see its way, it carried light but to no avail. She was already prepared with a counter question.

Well how do you tell a child that these glow worms were not an abnormality once, that they are not fairies or from another world. They were in abundance once. We could see them dancing around trees at night. That they filled our hearts with wonder and joy once. But we chased them away because we did not want them. We wanted fancy cars and grand homes and luxurious dining places. That we felt better having a candle to bring the magic to a romantic night and not the dancing lights from the glow worms. Why did I not miss them before, why did I not notice the missing butterflies from the neighborhood park? Would it not be nice for all of us, young and old alike, to chase the butterflies once again? Or am I the only one missing the butterflies.

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