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The Man Behind the Steel City Tatanagar - J.R.D. Tata

BY: sonu | Category: Men | Post Date: 2008-09-15

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Outlining J R D History in Years

Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata was born on 29th of July 1904 in Paris and was the second child of Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and his French wife Sooni. Established in 1859, the Tata Group was already India's biggest business conglomerate when Tata became its fourth chairman in 1938. It was a remarkable achievement for J R D Tata who was only 34 years then.

It was under his Leadership that Tata Assets climbed from Rs 62 crore in 1939 to over Rs 10,000 crore in 1990. It was 1939 when the Tata group included fourteen companies with sales of Rs. 280 crore and it was 1993 marking his year of death when sales were Rs. 15,000 crore contributed by over fifty magnificent manufacturing companies together with innumerable holding , investment , subsidiaries and associate concerns.

His Strengths...

JRD was a great industrialist who strengthened the position of the Tata Group from Home Land to the International Map.

People credit him as an aviator and pioneer flier who brought commercial aviation to India.

JRD Tata was a patron of Arts and was revered by several famous sculptors and renowned performing artists. Tata group is also known to be the biggest buyer, promoter and supporter of Art world in India.

He was a great Leader and Motivator. JRD defined - Leadership- as - Motivating others-. Sometimes referred to as - Chairmen's Chairman - JRD had quoted that as a Chairman his main responsibility is to inspire Respect. He had adopted a management by consensus style.

'When a number of persons are involved I am definitely a consensus man,' he once said, adding: 'but that does not mean that I do not disagree or that I do not express my views. Basically it is a question of having to deal with individual men heading different enterprises. You have to adapt yourself to their ways and deal accordingly and draw out the best in each man. If I have any merit it is getting on with individuals according to their ways and characteristics. In fifty years I have dealt with a hundred top directors and I have got on with all of them. At times it involves suppressing yourself. It is painful but necessary. To be a leader you have got to lead human beings with affection.'---- J R D Tata

He appreciated talent in others and carried out several experiments to expand and improve the pool of talent among the managers. Though his first attempt -- the formation of the -Superior Staff Recruiting Committee- failed when none of the recruits stayed with the corporation , later formed - The Tata Administrative Service and the Tata Management Training Centre at Pune - served the group well.

JRD Tata himself was a University dropout but every Senior Tata Director from 1930s onwards held a degree from a foreign University. Tata has financed many bright boys who wanted to go abroad for further education.

Through his founding of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research he acted as a vital bridge between the Scientific establishment and the Government. He was the longest serving member of the Atomic Energy Commission.

JRD emphasized on quality to be matched with innovation. He intensely disliked the laid-back Indian attitude, and much of his fabled short temper was triggered by the carelessness of others. JRD stressed: 'If you want excellence, you must aim at perfection. I know that aiming at perfection has its drawbacks. It makes you go into detail that you can avoid. It takes a lot of energy out of you but that's the only way you finally actually achieve excellence. So in that sense, being finicky is essential. A company, which uses the name Tata, shares a tradition. The symbol 'T' has to be a symbol of quality.'

Apart from being Successful he was a philanthropist who came up with several Tata charitable Trusts.


Tata Group has been responsible for its innovation in several of its products ranging from Airlines to Hotels, Trucks to Locomotives , Soda Ash to other Heavy Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals to Financial Services , Tea and Air conditioning to Lipsticks and Cologne.
Tata a renowned name in Manufacturing History has created a mark in several ventures and unconventional businesses and so did the man who was responsible for them , who strengthened such out comings --- J R D Tata.
Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata died in Geneva on the 29th of November in the year 1993. He is remembered as JRD to the world and was called -Jeh- among his friends.

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About Author / Additional Info: Before ending let us pay a tribute to the great Leader by repeating his statements…. "The wealth gathered by Jamsetji Tata and his sons in half a century of industrial pioneering formed but a minute fraction of the amount by which they enriched the nation. The whole of that wealth is held in trust for the people and used exclusively for their benefit. The cycle is thus complete; what came from the people has gone back to the people many times over." -- J R D Tata.

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