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The MLM Training Secrets You Need

BY: James Hicks | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2010-01-16

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   James Hicks
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All the people involved with MLM desire explosive results, they desire recognition as a top earner and for sure they want to be getting those big deposits into their bank account's monthly. For 97% in this industry they don't make a dime, why not? To me the answer is simple, they just are not getting the correct mlm training.

If we look at some of the superstars in mlm, Norbert Orlewicz & Brian Fanale (the creators of MLM Lead System Pro), Brian Tracey,Randy Gage, Mike Dillard, David Wood, Mark Yarnell & Jim Chao. These are just some of the names that spring to mind when I consider mlm training. All of these mlm superstars have had huge success because they searched out the ultimate mlm training (i expect they paid a lot of money for it too)

I've been fiddling around with MLM for the last two years but never saw any success, sure there was mlm training provided by my company & upline. I was on every training call and went to all the training seminars and completed all the tasks given to me and followed every last detail, but something was missing. All the training I was getting was old school and not relevant for today's market. Period. Of course the top guys who were secretly getting high class training were just getting richer week after week.

I applied what I was being taught consistently but nothing ever changed (giving out flyers, talking to family and friends, the dreaded cold calling etc..) I just didn't get the success that I thought I deserved for the effort I was putting out. A fellow business associate took me to his mentor one day for a visit and from that day forth things begun to revolutionize in my business, I was shown some revolutionary techniques that I had never come accross before. Rather than the measley 1 signup a month that I was used to, I converted up to two or three people a week and my affiliate & residual income went through the roof. In fact I needed to open a proper business account!

I want to challenge you, does your mlm training mentor teach you all of the following?

- The principles of attraction marketing
- Create fourty or more leads each day without spending a dime
- Using the social sites to create leads and prospects
- Making full use of the video sites like Youtube & Metacafe to brand yourself
- How to use article marketing to create a massive buzz about you and your opportunity
- The importance of lead conversion and how to implement sales congruency
- How to get your content on Google page 1 for competitive keywords within days
- Small little secret tweaks that make a massive difference to your online efforts

If your mentor is missing out just one of the above ingredients then my honest advice to you is... get yourself another mentor quick! Assuming that the above mentioned methods are being used appropriately and consistently there is no reason why you cannot create massive success in your business. After reading my article I hope that you have a clearer idea of exactly what is required to build your business online and has shown you that with the right training and action you can achieve your goals.

The key to success is the correct mlm training and consistent application of proven methods, there is no excuse not too succeed!

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: As you would expect everyone likes to be offered solutions on a plate, so I am offering you free MLM training that will set you and your business free, I will show you the blueprint to all of the strategies I have talked about and much more, which will let you produce your own unshakeable mlm empire, just check out the link to claim your free of charge MLM online training www.WhoIsJamesHicks.com

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