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The Joys of Writing. Write articles to express feelings or emotions

BY: Oasis | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2008-09-14

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It is not the added responsibilities of the adulthood that we grownups resent so much, but the lack of self expression.

Do not talk loudly in libraries, do not use abusive language, do not talk back to elders, do not rub the boss on the wrong side, do not talk down to the maid or she might quit……. And the list is just end less. At the end of long, arduous day we come back with all the bottled up emotions, ready to explode, only if we didn't knew better.

If only we could call out loud the neighborhood girl we like, the roadside Romeos we detest, the overbearing boss we loath. But we are grown up people. We are expected to be a certain way, conduct ourselves in a certain way. For the fear of rebuke we keep quiet. Sooner or later all these pent up emotions and all these thoughts come back to haunt us. Because we have to be so prim and proper in the public, we crib in the private. Lot of times our family bears the brunt of all this, which makes matters worse.

Therefore any way of self-expression and self disclosure is necessary and in most cases therapeutic. Lot of people take to exercise, reading or some other kinds of activities to take mind off these pressing matters. I took up to writing and have not regretted it since. It always helps to let go of all the thoughts that add to stress.

Picking up a pen and a paper is the easiest way to self disclosure, even if it is to your self. As you pen down your thoughts and darkest of secrets that you dare not tell to your closest of confidants you feel lighter by the minute. By and by you feel the pain and the agony of not being able to speak your mind melting away. As you relive the daily hardships or the greatest traumas of your life, you feel a weight lifting off your shoulders. You are now ready to enjoy every small moment of your life which otherwise just passes you by because you were busy sulking about something you should have said or done but could not because of some other greater reality.

So if there is anything that you are unable to tell the world or yourself, pick up a pen and a paper and discover the Joys of Writing.

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About Author / Additional Info: II pursue writing as a hobby. If you want to give a feedback or leave any comment please feel free to visit my blogs: thefleetingthoughts.blogspot.com and bookweed.blogspot.com.

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