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The Importance of Hobbies - Start an interesting hobby in life

BY: chitracs | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2008-08-27

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Some people feel that having a hobby is a waste of time. But, hobby is an interesting occupation for one's leisure time. Hobbies keep us active and make us forget worries and the boredom in life. Having a hobby is like making a jolly-ride without the compulsion of reaching a destination in time. We can choose any activity by which we get immense pleasure as our hobby.

The hobby helps us in shaping our character. Sometimes, we may earn income from hobby. Our attitude will change when we have a good hobby. Commonly, people keep gardening, reading books, writing articles, watching TV, stamp-collecting, horse riding, hunting, painting, photography, traveling and nursing the poor and sick as their hobbies. For some people, the hobby of others is a livelihood. Some hobbies are costly and well to do people only can have it.

Hobby is different from business, even though sometimes awards and rewards are received for hobbies. To keep away from routine life, many people have hobbies. We do not indulge in hobbies with our eyes on profit. Some people may not be willing to part the items collected by them as hobby, for money. Those who deal in such things collect a lot only to sell them at a premium. The people with hobbies collect to preserve and they love the items collected by them. They are proud of their collections.

Some people say that for them there is no time to spend for hobby. They are loosing an interesting part of their life. Hobby moulds our character to a considerable extent and it shows our talents to the outside world. For the gardener, gardening is not a hobby. It is a hobby for others. Hobbies should not be mixed up with business propositions. Those who work with tension or stress, should definitely have a hobby to relax, so that their blood pressure will be controlled.

Our hobby is an ongoing adventure and a journey of discovery. We all have something we like and greatly enjoy doing. Times change and people change. Nowadays, world is defined by the world speed, time has never been so compressed as it is today and work is overwhelming. Surprisingly, there are individuals who understand that life is so much more than that, and they try to enlarge their spare time and take the advantages of it. Besides spending times with their families, some persons have an impulse to do a certain activity and they focus their attention and energy on the accomplishment of that project called hobby. Some people discovered their hobby by doing certain activity. Some others were deliberately looking for such an activity and they tried certain things in order to see which one is the most suitable for them. After they decided what their hobby is, they did everything necessary so that they would satisfy their new desire.

Psychologists state that hobby makes our life quality grow by enhancing the level of happiness. If we have a hobby and we succeed in its accomplishment, we feel a strong sensation of fulfillment, which eventually makes us happier. Further, our outcomes shall be more than just satisfactory, meaning that we will have the chance doing two things at a time ie., do our job and fulfill our hobby.

By doing this we get a double satisfaction: a material one, money and a spiritual one, a benefic feeling. Another advantage from having a hobby is that we develop skills connected to it. We use our brain fully. It is like fixing a goal in life and then following it. Hobbies are real sources pleasure for one who refuses to be bored by the dreary, drab, stereotyped existence in the world.

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