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The Human Race Must Reflect. Humans are damaging earth; Is it too late?

BY: M A Silong | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2009-09-05

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   M A  Silong
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Our conscience is now bothering our minds every day, every hour, every minute and every second. We are the cause that made our environment and nature outrageously like this. Is it too late?

If we observe our nature around us, you'll only see a few trees, green mountains and sometimes, you can't take a breath of a fresh air. Illegal logging, pollutions, mountains are continuously vanishing and going dry . . . and we all know that WE, the human race, is the cause of all these. But it isn't too late yet. We can still change it.

Let us think about the future as our inspiration. Let us think about our future sons and daughters, grandchildren, and our other descendants. Let us think about the coming generation. We should not let them sacrifice for the failures we are doing right now. We should change everything for them. For the good of all the other people and the better future for our next generations.

Let us reflect. Science and technology is very often around us. We can see a lot of technologies around us and we can discover and invent something new fot the next generations. Yes- this is a good thing. But not for the nature and for the fresh environment that our descendants will NOT be experiencing if we continue doing this.

Because of our doings, inventions and new discoveries, it is absolutely, unquestionably and no wonder that we are the cause of all those global warming, pollutions, famine and virus! IF only we just spent our governments' money for improving our environment and helping the poor instead of spending them for some crazy experiments and expeditions even on outer space, then what an excellent world we do have! There will be peace and unity around us. There'd be fresh air and clean water. There will be enough food for everybody. If only we have limit our inventions, then the world must be very clean and gentle right now.

Let us try to reflect and plan things around us. There is still time to change the world. There is still time to improve the future of the next generations. Only us can make things right. No god of nature can change this. We must finish what we have started and we must right our failures! Let us reflect, people!

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