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The Honda Insight 2010: Plunge into the Future

BY: Ottoman | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2009-11-29

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With the growing depreciation in the fossil fuel reserves, the need for alternative power is rising. The biggest consumers of petroleum in today's scenario are automobiles. Their fuel consumption needs to be checked. As a result, a different approach was sought out by the Japanese car manufacturers Toyota and Honda. This technology involved the hybridizing of a conventional gasoline engine and an electric propulsion system. The so called Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) result in better engine efficiency and fuel economy. This in turn results in better engine performance. And moreover its much cleaner than the fossil cars.

Honda made its breakthrough in the Hybrid Car market with the Honda Insight. Although it didn't make it big, like the Toyota Prius, it was undoubtedly considered a platform for Hybrid engineering to build upon. I would like to restrict my review to the 2010 Honda Insight.

The new Insight is a revolution among modern Hybrid Electric Vehicles and has an objective of capturing the market from its competitor, the Prius. For a start the Insight 2010 is priced lower than the Toyota Prius by about $2000. Secondly its fuel economy on highways has been tested to be above 60 miles per gallon.

The vehicle's design is quite practical; a five door hatchback with a smooth front and a high, abrupt tail. The Insight is as spacious as the Prius, but gives a smoother ride. The Insight EX model comes with alloy wheels, cruise control, Satellite linked Navigation System and HVSA (Honda Vehicle Stability Assist) system. An Eco-assist system is also added to give feedback to the driver about the vehicle's economy rate. The satellite navigation system has voice recognition feature enabled as well, helping the driver navigate through busy streets without much difficulty.

Under the hood is packed a 1.3 liter, four cylinder engine developing about 98 horsepower. The transmission is electronic using the Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). The Hybrid center of the Insight is Honda's fifth generation Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system.

It's time for the hybrid cars to rule the roads now. With so many features under one hood, the 2010 Insight has cast a shadow upon its ancestral models and is definitely a force to recon with.

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