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The Grand World Overview | Competitive Ranking of various countries.

BY: Abhi | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-09-28

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The world is competitive, may the competition be between individuals, between groups and communities... but today I've compiled a report on the contest of the largest scale, of that between nations Well, a descriptive and detailed analysis on the nations based upon the various factors that make a nation worth appreciation followed by a conclusive avowal - that's going to follow..

Education enfolds schooling, personality development, culture, higher studies, success, career, optimism, ambitions, etc, and all in all this is one thing that cannot be done without to survive a society, or a country for that matter.
A teacher affects eternity, he can never say where his influence stops' - Henry Brooks Adams

Yes, education is the backbone of societal or national development and progress, the indispensable prerequisite that makes a nation what it is is education. Here are the top ten universities of the world at a glance:

Table 1.1
RankUniversity NameNation
1Harvard UniversityUSA
2Stanford UniversityUSA
3University CambridgeUK
4University California - BerkeleyUSA
5Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)USA
6California Institute TechnologyUSA
7Princeton UniversityUSA
8Oxford UniversityUK
9Columbia UniversityUSA
10Chicago University USA

As the table 1.1 shows, United States clearly gaining predominance there, along with United Kingdom who are never behind. As we go down the rankings, Canada, Germany, Australia and Sweden show up evincing their educational decency too. As it is quite apparent, United States of America are the clear topper, and when it comes to education, no nation seems competent enough.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic' -
Arthur C Clarke

Technology and science are the talk of the moment, given the amount of progress that entirely depends upon them. A nation's progress is sure to be hindered if there is lack of technological, scientific and research-oriented advancements. In that view lets have a look at the country wise rankings for Information Technology scenario of the recent times.

Table 1.2


USA here ranks 3rd, behind Sweden, and it is important to point out how USA makes a formidable mark here again after we saw their dominance in the domain of education. Sweden as already mentioned was one of those nations after USA and UK in the field of education who made a mark, and here they are among the top three.

Subsequent to the mammoth invention of water found on moon, space science & technology seems to be the hot topic at the moment. Yes, space science is such a significant part of technology of a country that it almost decides where a nation stands when it comes to scientific progress. NASA, ISRO, and such names carry the integrity of nations. On that note let us glance at the countries' positions in space science.
Table 1.3


This table is a decisive one, as Australia and USA are in the top ten even after they scored in the zone of education. While, also mentionable is the fact that Denmark, the leader in IT, ranks 6th here, quite commendable. Canada, on the other hand is the only nation till now who made their presence felt in all the three fields discussed as yet.

In nuclear power and its applications, nations leading the path are Belgium, Lithuania, France and Sweden. Sweden, ranked 2nd in IT casts a good technological impression

Money speaks sense in a language all nations understand' - Aphra Behn.
We all know how much money and financial stability matters to us individually, that it says much about how a great deal progress of a nation relies on overall economy.

In that respect it is necessary to take a look at the following table showing the GDP of the nations of recent times.

Table 1.4
4Germany 3652824
7ItalyNot enough accurate data available
10Spain "

United States is not just the leader in the precinct of education, here they are, the richest country, the leader in GDP. No wonder USA is known for its world dominance. UK as always gives competition to them but this time not as stiff as Japan does.

Tourism is not only business, it also shows how much a country is loved and visited by inhabitants of other nations and that certainly is something to boast of. The ,most visited countries in recent times are France, Spain, USA, UK, China and Italy, not necessarily in that order. Here in the following table which will show the leaders in tourism industry, that is the top earners, USA for the third time leads the way.

Table 1.5


Keeping in view the aspects that have been discussed, United Kingdom have scored decently in each and every aspect giving a strong average competition to USA. Germany and France seem to be part of the richer part of the world, clearly proven by the statistics projected.

Health is wealth' - yes this is one of the commonest sayings and one of the most valued too. After having discussed about wealth and economy, it is time to see where the nations of the world stand when it comes to national medical situation, advancements, progress, keeping in mind mortality rate, the number of diseases, and such important factors that contribute to compiling a list of nations possessing the wealth of an other kind - health. Good medical state of affairs is feat not achieved by all nations and here's a look at the most healthy countries of the world.


This is possibly one of those rare lists where USA don't feature, but they were just whiskers away from making to the list, USA is ranked 11th. Not bad surely Iceland, perhaps not one of the best countries to avail of medical treatments, but the strikingly low amount of diseases and other negatives have contributed to its number one standing. Denmark, Canada, Australia and Sweden are not the first time we see on a list, making it quite clear that these are the countries on the run for the top spot, and to be mentioned is the fact that on an average, these nations emit a very positive and promising light. In contrast to the healthiest nations, the most polluted countries are Peru, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India and it has to be USA, at number ten. They want to make it everywhere!

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job, it's a depression when you lose yours' - Harry s Truman

Yes, employment is one of those exceptional assets which give us a sense of security, and the more the people of the country suffer unemployment, the more their progress is impeded. The biggest curse and perhaps the largest obstacle to the growth of a nation is unemployment. It is absolutely necessary for a nation to employ its inhabitants in order to secure a position in the list of top nations of the world.

1Iceland 83
2Switzerland 78
3Norway 76
4Denmark 75
5Sweden 74
6 Netherlands 73
7UK 73
8New Zealand72
9Canada 72

Iceland, underrated yet one of those nations who have given USA the stiffest competition by featuring twice right at the top of the rankings, and both times in important aspects like health and employment. Here USA is right at the bottom, at 10th, and UK, one of the constant forerunners, is placed 7th. USA might be number one when it comes to educating, but then when placing them matters, they don't quite make an excellent impression, with rather a so-so performance.
Sports do not form the backbone of a nation, neither the collar bone!!

Nonetheless, sports are, today one of the important aspects which do play a role in deciding the credibility of a nation's overall progress. In cricket, India, South Africa and Australia make the top three, and in soccer, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and France make the significant part of the FIFA rankings. France and Germany are proving to be sheer all-rounders with an average show up quite decadently in every aspect.

Now an overall ranking based on all the factors stated above is compiled by meThis list that follows is a personal view of me, Abhi , the author of the article and does not vouch to be reflective of anything but my views:

2 UK
4 France

"The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem" - Walt Whitman

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Very informative and interesting stats about Competitive Ranking of countries around the world. Nice compilation.
Guest 2009-09-30
Your Best
This is surely your best article so far; long and very interesting.
Abdul from JMI 2009-09-30

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