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The False concept of Freedom in India

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-08-27

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   Muhammed Haris
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India got "Freedom" from Britishers 62 years, but when we look at the post Independence history of India, the so called "Freedom" is no where to be found in the real sense.

Below are points to say about the prevailing concept of freedom in India;

1. Leading freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi has been murdered in 1948.

2. Freedom of changing the law has been misused by politicians.

3. Freedom of power has been misused for taking bribes.

4. Freedom of fashion has been destroying the culture.

5. Freedom given by parents has been misused by the children.

6. In some places people belonging to lower caste have no freedom to enter into the temple.

7. Freedom of license given for the guns are being used in crimes.

8. Having good money gives the freedom of violation of law.

9. Many freedom fighters had no choice but to commit suicide due to lack of money to live.

10. Freedom of media has resulted in vulgar broadcasting.

11. Freedom of business has been resulted in domination.

12. Freedom of speech has been resulted in violation of peace.

13. Freedom of power of police resulted in many unlawful lockup murder and rapes.

14. People have no freedom of speaking their mother tongue language in office (Everyone talks in English).

15. Poor people have no freedom of stepping into the high court and Supreme Court.

16. Telemarketing people misuse the freedom of marketing.

17. Even the doctors go on strikes with the freedom of protesting.

18. Common man has no freedom of following his religion.

19. Beggars of India have the freedom in only picking and having the waste food from the dustbins.

20. Common man has no freedom of representing a nation in any games.

21. Freedom of Bosses has been resulted in harassment.

22. VIPs have the freedom doing anything they want.

23. BPO employees have no freedom, instead are the slaves of the clients.

24. Freedom of free access to the internet made children to blog adult sites.

These points reminds us the words of Lord Mount Baton "I doubt if India can retain its freedom" Does a single soul in India dare to deny a singe point amongst these points of mine, before he or she says, Proud to be part of Independent India? If the answer is "No", join me in the voice of India to "Redefine the Freedom".

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