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The Devil's joke - Do you believe in Ghosts

BY: chi | Category: Others | Post Date: 2008-08-22

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As a child, i used to be so interested in stories, especially scary stories. I used to asked my grandmother (who was alive then) and my father about their experiences.

My father told me about the time when he went fishing alone in a deserted brook in deep forest. when he started putting the fishing hook on the water, he heard a man coughing in a nearby bush which scare the fish away. It stopped after sometime but when my father try to concentrate again on the fishing, at that instant, the coughing started again! my father felt so irritated and shout toward the sound telling that he/she should better come out from the hiding place before he scare all the fishes away.

As the coughing sound did not stop, my father decided to check out the spot where the cough emerged. But when he reached there, he found nobody but the sound of cough surrounding him noisily from all sides. that made my father so uneasy that he left the place and the brook in a hurry.

That same night my father went to one of his uncle's who was very fond of fishing. Without telling his experience, he just told him about the brook and the availability of the fishes. His uncle became so enthusiastic that he immediately planned that they should go fishing there but my father told him that he had some immediate errands to run, hence, could not accompany him.

The next day, that uncle went alone but he immediately felt something out of place. All the fishes seem to be scared of something that they seem to run up and down the water in a great haste. That uncle lost hope and decided to return home but as soon as he start to rise from his seat, something happened. A thundering sound emerge from the brook as if accusing him of disturbing its peacful state. Even his body began to shake heavily on its own. He was so scared that he started to run for home but even every single steps he took made a thundereing sound. He cannot even recall how he reached his home.

When my father went to visit him that same night, his uncle immediately asked if he had had any supernatural experience in that brook. My father smiled and told him about the day before, his uncle began to narrate his experience......

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