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The Classic MALL SIGHT Today !

BY: Abhi | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-09-04

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The dictionary meaning of mall is an enclosed shopping area', but that has got nothing to do with how malls are perceived or used today. With globalization, urbanization and modernization marking the present generation, there are as many as four to five malls in each of the metropolitan cities on an average; non-metros are not far behind.

The malls today are popular places to hang out more than anything else, and are well-liked among the youth. The common mall sight consist of adolescent couples exhibiting their love, gang of guys or girls thronging the food courts, and most just for the sake of gossip, the reason: the food is way too expensive, way beyond the range of pocket-money. Also we find some really unruffled chaps or lasses engaging themselves in window-shopping (that's the term that refers to gazing at the shopping stuff without actually buying them, again the reason being expensiveness), the term probably arises from the fact that they look through the glass casements inside.

The malls also are centers of showcasing trends and fashion, the young fashion-conscious people put on their best outfits, bear the smart attitude and cool-like-cucumber outlook trying to cast the perfect impression. The mall today is also the place for first-time meeting, be it the lovers meet, a group meet, etc. Multiplexes are an important part of malls, where we find young groups and couples or budding lovers, most of them opting for the morning or the early noon shows which costs them less.

Multiplexes today have categorization based upon comfort, seat positions, etc and these young people gun for the lowest category which might be called the bronze in comparison to platinum, gold and silver. Malls also play the role of match-maker, given that today's youngsters are extrovert and can approach people they like and a mall is the trusted site where one can find an array of youth of their choice. Love birds with hands held together, gang of potential teenagers ogling or making eyes at people of the opposite sex, loud laughter, tittle-tattle and so and so forththat's what typical of a mall. The classic mall sight is made of all that

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Great stuff in Indian malls
Thankfully we do not have to go around in different places to shop around anymore. As far as the sight goes, I am not sure where people are getting so much money these days, Malls are jam-packed.
Divya 2009-09-07
My opinion ..
Frankly, malls have been killing small family based businesses in mass. No one wants to visit old mom and pop stores. Malls have become a fashion statement, a place where girls can show off and guys can try to date girls. Soon enough we will be in a place where we are no longer Indian and of course we can never be westerners. Malls might be great for a regular shopper but they are not good for the society overall.
Chinu 2009-09-06

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