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The Best Friend - Why my friend is one of the best!

BY: 1133646 | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-11-18

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Alone, scared, and lost, being in a new environment was very difficult for me that very first day, not knowing where anything was or who anyone was. I felt like I was a- nobody. She was alone too, same situation, same feelings. She moved from Mountain Home, Idaho, and I moved from Logan, Utah. She had that outgoing personality and I was shy. She also had that I-am-loud-and-I-know-it attitude. The best thing that ever happened to me was that very first day that I met her.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Ding, ding, the bell rang for fourth period to start. I began to walk to class knowing where it was. I walked up to the door, went to swiftly swing it open and kadonk, it was locked. Peering through the window, it was empty. Ding, ding, the tardy bell rang. Taking a step back, I thought, -What am I going to do now?-

-Do you have this class too?- a strange voice asked.
Turning around I stuttered, -Uh, yes, oh ya I do.-

-Okay, good at least I'm not the only one,- she replied.

-Maybe we should go to the office and ask for help,- I suggested.

-That is a good idea.- We began to walk toward the office with this awkward feeling coldly wrapping around us. -I'm Krystal,- she said, breaking the silence.

-I'm Rachelle.- Walking through the office doors, we looked at the lady, who was maintaining the front desk, she curly red hair the delicately draped over her shoulders. -I have a question to ask you.-

-Yes, what is that?- she replied confidentially.

-Where is this class?- I questioned, showing her my schedule.

-Oh, yes, it is outside in portable B. It's right behind the gym.-

-Thank you so much,- I said, still unsure where my class was.

Looking back on that day, I loved it. I made a great friend and to this day she is one of my best friends. Three months after getting to know each other we became really close friends. She would come to me for things and I would go to her.

We were bored one day and decided to go on a road trip around Layton.
-Antelope Island,- Krystal and I questioned.

What is this place? I kept thinking over and over. Still, we drove on to explore the area that was not familiar to us. We pulled off to the side of the road, posing for pictures and laughing, while watching the sunset.

On our way home, Krystal stuck her head outside my window. -BUFFALOOO, BUFFFALLLOO, BBBUFFFALLLO!- Bang, bang, kaBOOM. -Rachelle, stop the car, stop the car.- Pulling off the side of the road, she struggled to get out of my car window. It was like a dog trying to fit through a mouse hole.

-What's going on?- I asked confused.

-I just want to touch it,- she replied. She fell out of the car and took off running into the field. -BUFFALLOO, BUFFALLOO, BUFFALLO!-

-Krystal! Come back here!- I yelled, knowing she couldn't hear me at all. Fifteen minutes later, panting and out of breath, she came back.
-I couldn't get it,- she said disappointed.

I have had many great adventures with Krystal; she has also been a great friend through my rough times, and my easy times, she has seen it all, and has never turned away. Krystal has always been there especially when I need her the most

-Rachelle, it's okay,- she said sympathetically.

I hesitated, -No, it's not. She and I were close, and I never went to say goodbye. She was the best great grandma, and she loved me and she came to everything of mine, and I just didn't go. I feel so bad and guilty and I should have gone, I should have gone, she deserved that much from me.-

-Rachelle, she will always love you every minute of the day. No matter if you went to the funeral or not. She will always love you.-

-I never got to say goodbye,- I said sobbing.

The whole time I cried, Krystal was there, she never left my side or my heart. She is the friend who is always there. She is easy to talk to, easy to laugh with, and easy to have the best memories of any sort with. She is and always will be my best friend, and always like the sister I wish I had.

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