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Television programs today

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-08-02

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   Muhammed Haris
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Television programs were just limited to news and movies in the old days, the channels gave news or just played some black and white movies. The prices of Televisions were high and so only few homes had TV. Having Televisions at home was a matter of prestige and a social status. In my childhood we used to go to the houses of rich people just to see TV programs. I still remember the home around the corner from my house that had a TV, it use to be filled with children and adults in the evenings and weekends, they all were there to see Television. TV artists were considered to gods or people from the other world that were much higher than the common man. Every man or women at that time only wanted to come on TV once in their life time.

In todays time most of the homes have the Televisions with a wide variety of TV channels. The numbers of channels have been drastically increasing, broadcasting different kinds of programs. There are hundreds of special programs which have been created exclusively to broadcast in the channels. These Channels also have a lot of competition programs for the public and distribute good prizes to the winners. The competitions like Kaun Banega Karodpathi can really change the lifestyle of a person. These channels provide a platform for the common man to become popular and known to the world. Some of these television programs even give a chance to people to meet big film stars and politicians.

Many programs at Televisions support the talents of the young people. Indian Idol programs which is being conducted by SONY Televisions, is giving the young and talented singers, the opportunity to get into the Bollywood and other national music lines. The dance competitions like "Boogie Woogie" give a platform for the young and talented dancers. Programs related to the crimes create awareness in the society. The National Geographical channel is giving a lot of information about the wild life and geography. Many channels make the promotion of traditional and classical music and cultures of our nation and of the world. Many channels are dedicated to broadcast the news for twenty four hours. Because of these channels, a person can watch the news at any time when he or she is free. Today televisions are not only a source of entertainment but also great way to gain knowledge and learn about what's going on all around the world. However, along with the benefits of the various television programs, there are several drawbacks as well, kids are getting addicted to TV. They spend more time in watching Television than they do in doing their home work and playing. Besides that, kids are also watching channels that they should not be watching. Children should be allowed to watch TV only for a limited time, these days you even have the option of locking the channels that you do not want your children to watch, i think every body should take advantage of this facility.

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