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Teaching after Retirement

BY: Swati | Category: Education | Post Date: 2008-11-10

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Congratulations you are a retired person now (or about to retire shortly), after working very hard for decades, now it's your time to live life in your own desired way. Do you have any plans about what to do after your retirement. Frankly, if you intend to just sit back and have a totally relaxed life without any constructive work, you will likely age much faster. Multiple studies have proved that people who remain physically and mentally active after retirement not only live longer but their overall health remains better than the ones who don't live an active lifestyle. Therefore even if you do not work for money, do it for your own good health and wellness. I am about to present you with the idea of "Teaching after Retirement".

Teaching is one of the most respectable professions that I can think. Teaching may not be as financially rewarding as your last job (when you retired) but it is certainly a very satisfying, fulfilling and challenging task at the same time. You have decades of valuable work experience in your field, why should all that go waste after your retirement. These days many colleges and schools invite experienced people for teaching. Although it's true that some colleges may be a bit hesitant to hire someone who has reached a retirement age but most schools and colleges invite experienced people as a part time visiting faculty so that students can learn practical things in life and not just what is written in their books. This indirectly works even better for retired individuals as most prefer having a part time work instead of a regular full time job. Even though you have plenty of experience, when it really comes to teaching kids or adults, there is really a lot of extra work to be done. Like preparing the notes, translating your teachings to a level which can be understood much better by your common students. Teaching in a school is especially very energetic as you are dealing with young enthusiastic blood and vibrant students. For example, states like California are looking for thousands of maths and science teachers, as they are unable to fulfill positions through the regular staff hirings, they are becoming increasingly dependent on baby boomer generation who have a good background in those subjects. There is always a shortage of good teachers in almost all education institutes worldwide.

Even if you get few hours of teaching work, it will really require you to study many more hours to prepare yourself to be able to teach. Teaching students can be a bit tricky at times because you may have to sometimes deal with difficult personalities and students who may be less interested in your work. You should try to make things interesting by giving real life examples and probably cracking some jokes as well. Your interest may be in the field of economics, history, management, language and a variety of other topics. Teaching is a low stress but a highly satisfying job.

Before taking up anything take an honest look at your skills and abilities. You may have to even earn a certification or accreditation, depending on what you're considering. Always prepare yourself to avoid trial and error approach in the classroom.

Take your retirement as a way to do all those things you always wanted to do. Community service, write a book, help poor or disabled, consultancy, teach or participate in other social events. Other real life examples of non conventional teaching after retirement are:

* Recently I met a retired employee from the Government's medicare program who had so much knowledge about the different medicare plans that she was welcomed to conduct classes in senior centers and did private consulting for people looking for recommendation for their own personal needs. She use to charge a nominal $50 per hour and her clients were mostly from baby boomer generation. She studied their case thoroughly and then discusses various options that would be best for them.

* A CEO/Higher management retiree can not only teach regarding his line of work, management skills but he can also be a motivational speaker. You can earn anywhere from $50 to $250 per hour for your work.

* If you have the right knowledge then why not become a financial planner for elderly people. Consider this, most of the individuals from the baby boomer generation will require a personal financial planner at one point.

* If you have experience working in staffing firms, after a bit more research you can possible become professional career consultant.

* Well educated defense personals after retirement are often able to get good managerial roles in private industry that requires strict discipline.

* A retired accountant can provide very valuable and practical information to students regarding real case financial scenarios. They will likely be invited to the local community colleges with open arms.

* Retired doctors can be a visiting professor in a medical college or may be voluntarily educate people about how to lead a healthy life.

The list is truly endless, there are times when you may want to brush-up a few things before you even think about teaching someone. If nothing else, you can be always be helpful for students who are mentally or physically challenged after your retirement.

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