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Teachers: We owe you a lot

BY: M A Silong | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-10-03

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   M A  Silong
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There are a lot of teachers in our world which helps the children know the world. Teaching is really a great job but it is also considered as the simplest job for most of us. Now, it is our time to recognize our dear teachers.

Our teachers are considered to be our second parents and our schools are also considered as our second home. Teachers are guiding as in our life and giving us introductories on what life really is. They are the ones who are teaching us everything we should know and how to improve and do everything we already know.

Teaching is a very hard but a great job, mind you. But for the others, they are looking down on teachers and thinks of it as just an ordinary job. WRONG! We should never look down on our teachers. Come to think of it. Where did you learn how to write? Who taught you how to read? Who taught you how to add and subtract? Teachers did.

For example, you are an accountant right now. Who taught you the basic of counting and the major of computing? Teachers did. You are a writer right now. Who taught you how to come up of great ideas and how to write an excellent article? Teachers did. You are a businessman right now. Who taught you how to run life according to what you want but still for the good of all people? Teachers did. You are a priest right now. Who taught you how to pray? Teachers did.

Teachers are really a great help in the society. They are teaching our children the good things they should learn and doing their best to get them at the right path and take them away from the wrong. We won't be here right now and we shall know nothing but darkness and stupidness if it is not because of our teachers.

Teachers are also once students. But now that they are teaching, they are still studying to make sure that what they teach their students is the right thing. It really is hard to check thousands or maybe just hundreds of quiz/periodical papers every night. It is hard to run a class to avoid a big mess. It is hard to think of an interesting activity so the students won't get bored in class. It is hard to teach a number of classes everyday because they are repeating their lessons to teach all day.

Being a teacher is definitely no joke. All of the things they teach their students will be the things that could guide them with their lives. It is hard to discipline a numerous number of students and handling different personalities every day.

Now, we should not look down on our teachers. In fact, we should praise them because of it is not because of them, we would never be here right now. We won't know how to use computers, write or even read. We owe our whole life to our teachers who have been beside us in the period where we are just learning from life. They are the ones who have been patient on us and did not leave us in a corner feeling pity. Love our teachers just how much we love ourselves. Remember, we owe them a lot.

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About Author / Additional Info: If you are a teacher and read this article, I want you to know that I really mean it. And if it is possible, read them to your students and make them realize how important you are. Please let me know how you feel by leaving a comment below or e-mail me at meleaagatha.silong@yahoo.com Thank you!

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We owe our teacher
Being a teacher for 20 years , i always targeted a small group who really understand my views &apply it whole-heartedly in their life. Good that you bring it to notice. Sometimes we feel bad, but after reading your article , I also thought, how much I owe my teachers and viceversa
Jashodhara Purkayastha 2009-10-25
Very nice thought
Hi Melea, I am a teacher and an author on this site like you. It is so nice to read your articles and the way you have appreciation for your teachers. In USA, teachers are respected but nothing as much as in Asian countries. On behalf of teachers community I appreciate and thank you for your ideas. It will be nice to see you among the top 5 authors within next the 1 year. In my eyes, you are already #1. You are a very nice author for your age and I have read several of your articles, keep writing and take care.
Jessica (Teacher) 2009-10-04

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