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Taking a bath in hot water shower

BY: Swati | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2008-10-17

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Most of us just love hot water showers. In the morning if I get enough time to take a warm water shower it really makes my day. Following are some benefits of taking hot shower:

1. Reduces Stress:
This is the biggest benefit of taking a hot shower. If you stand under hot running water for 5-10 minutes, it really helps to calm your mind and reduce the stress. Many people tell that if they take a hot shower after a stressful day, it helps them to sleep much better.

2. Allergy relief (seasonal pollens):
The hot steam from the shower helps to give an immediate relief against allergies. It also drains all the pollens sticking to your body and hair.

3. Help during menstrual cramps:
Women who have menstrual cramps tell that they feel great after taking a hot water shower. They fell less pain in their tummy for about an hour.

4. Muscle relaxation and sore joints:
This is another huge advantage of taking bath in hot water. It helps you to relieve minor internal bruises, muscle relaxing and relief for the sore joints. It also helps stimulate better blood circulation.

5. Temporarily reduces flu symptoms:
Hot water also help to temporarily reduce some flu like symptoms like reducing mucus in your lungs and sinus relief.

Disadvantages of taking a hot water shower:

1. Dry skin and allergies.
A hot water shower is not good for skin, it makes skin dry and scaly. Hot steaming water can trigger allergies in some people (like Eczema).

2. Addictive:
Yes it is, since it is a relaxant, we tend to lake longer showers with time. We even tend to take shower from luke warm to steaming hot over time. Long showers also results in more water consumption, higher water bill and not good for environment (wastage of water).

3. Electricity bill:
Obviously, more electricity is needed to heat water and expense to buy and maintain the water heaters.

So if you like taking hot water showers, keep the water to luke warm and keep your shower under 5-10 minutes.

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