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BY: buiya | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2010-02-21

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The mind lies at the back of all subjects. Things are like objects projected on the screen being eyed by consciousness. Events are like motion pictures being watched by consciousness. Reality is the film over which it has partial control while imagination is the one over which it has much more control, though not complete. The mind is the creator and subjects are the creation. The creator and the creation have to co-exist. The film begins as consciousness turns conscious and ends as it switches off. That the film runs even when it is not viewing can be known only when it views.

The self is also a projection on the screen being eyed by consciousness. The self is the prime character in the film called LIFE that is being watched by the mind. The film called LIFE, like any other, runs for a specific duration. The self, during this period, passes through both merry and sorry times. Both these times directly affect the viewer, the consciousness that is watching since it develops an intimate connection with the character by seeing itself in it. The pain from sorrow far exceeds the pleasure from happiness and the mind tries hard to gain freedom from the times of tribulations using its partial control over the film, throughout, but to little avail. The film finally turns out to be a big flop.

The failure of the film lies in taking this character called SELF as ITSELF by the mind. The failure of the film lies in the mind's failure to realize that it is already free. Success lies in the realization that the true ‘SELF' is not the one on the screen but the one who is watching this entire thing, the one because of whom all of it exists. The mind needs to realize that it is the one that cannot be grasped by the world of subjects no matter how far its boundaries extend. Once this elusive concept is understood, the mind enters the domain of stillness, complete exemption and pure tranquility.

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About Author / Additional Info: Hi! This is soham bhaduri (nickname-buiya). I am a pre-medical student and a THINKER. I write articles for a number of websites. Visit my BLOG at soham-sohamsthoughts.blogspot.com to gain access to my world of SIGNIFICANT THOUGHTS, IMPORTANT FINDINGS and OBSERVATIONS and PROFOUND EXPERIENCES related with PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE, SELF-HELP, SPIRITUALITY AND SOME GENERAL TOPICS. E-MAIL: soham.bhaduri@gmail.com (Have queries or anything to communicate? Mail them.)

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