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BY: buiya | Category: Others | Post Date: 2010-01-20

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The world of reality is what every field of human interest is based upon. But what is it that makes truth so important to us? The concept of reality' is intuitive, and there is an innate sense that helps in its detection. This is discussed in detail in this article.

It is something upon which the foundation of life is laid upon. And our desires point towards it subconsciously even when we try to reject it consciously. It is what every attempt to know and experience pursues, and no matter how many distinct forms it presents itself to us in, it finally comes down to one status-ALL THAT IS'. Much as it may not seem convincing enough to apply terms like birth and creation to this subject that encompasses all, a logical explanation of how the world of reality is born does reside in the very same world of reality.

There is a popular maxim that states: the world outside is the world inside'. Depending upon what we perceive and conclude to be true the world of reality is built up and then said to exist outside as reality. Truth is thus what is rightly sensed through the right way of sensing or something derived through right understanding of facts revealed by the former. The development of the faculties of thinking and imagination occur only after our exposure to the inputs received through the senses. Learning things and understanding them requires establishment of the mind in the world of the senses. However, the idea that there exists a real' world or a world that is' isn't something learned from the external. It is an intuitive feeling produced by a part of the mind I like to call the TRUTH SPOT'. This intuitive feeling is produced only after the exposure to the inputs sent by the senses, and then the DECIDER OF TRUTH comes into action. The decider of truth is a GUIDING SENSE of right and wrong making us feel whether a certain statement is acceptable or not. This guiding sense tells us to grant importance to the world of reality. It tells us that truth is one and gives birth to the systems of logic and reasoning to establish this very one'. When results appear different from different point of views it tells us to choose the one that can explain the realities of every one by itself. And when the reality appears to be two-fold it tells us to accept that truth is paradoxical. The guiding sense thus guides us to show what is true and thus, bit by bit, the world of reality takes shape, both inside and outside.

It thus comes into light that the world of reality where the mind is supposed to live in is created by its own faculties. The mind is undoubtedly the master creator of truth.

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Truth & Reality ....
Your point in Psychology tries to identify Realty. As mind being Abstract, the reality is truth what we sense. The truth is ONE but in reality we differ due to our sensing. E.g. Flower is truth, but Rose, Jasmine, petal, pollen, smell, colour, is Reality. Your article is thought-provoking for the Mankind. Always there is action between Self-World (Truth-Reality). The world is Our-hand,cloth,name ... as they are Not Me, but Mine. The remaining is Self which is developed by GURU/Saint. Ths world (including our Name) is developed by Scientist, Economist, Politicians, etc.
MONI 2010-01-21

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