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TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIP, a total no-no? | Student-teacher sex

BY: M A Silong | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2009-08-28

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   M A  Silong
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One of the major laws in schools is the fact that they're not allowing teachers to have relationship with students they teach. Why is it necessary anyway? What's the point?

Many issues have been solved in most schools about students having relationships and s*x with teachers. They can't fight the urge of they're liking towards the teacher/student that's why it always ends up in a relationship . . . and mostly these relationships end up by the school kicking out the teacher. When a teacher and a student has a relationship, the blame and shame is not on the student but on the teacher. Why would the teacher agree to have relationship with the underage student he teaches? Why would he agree to have relationship with the student considering the fact that he's a senior and already matured, while the student is a minor and still immature? But then again, what's the point? What's the risks?

There are different reasons why schools forbid teacher-student relationship.

First of all, common sense. If you have common sense, why will you have a relationship with a student when you know that beside from it is forbidden, your common sense tells you that liking a minor student maybe ten years younger from you and you're teaching her is a huge mistake.

Second, if a teacher and a student has a relationship, there is a big possibility that it would affect the student's grades and this would mean unfairness among the student body. Because the student is the girlfriend of this particular teacher, of course he would give her high grades to please her girlfriend.

There are still many reasons why most schools forbid student-teacher relationship. Some agrees on this, but some do not. People says, "Age doesn't matter." But then, people who agrees on this kind of law at school says, "Age doesn't matter, but profession matters." This verse means that you only have two choices: one is to have relationship with this particular student and lose your job and two is to wait for the student to graduate college (if you still love her by that time) and have a relationship after she graduates then you can still have your job.

But then, we still can't blame teachers and students who have this kind of relationship. The least we can do is, give them some piece of advise and tell them to enjoy life first to the fullest!

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Respect with each other
They should know their limitations with each other, Teachers must not take advantage to their students, same thing, the students must know the boundaries of their relationship with their teachers.
Lhitto 2009-09-06
Very nice perspective
I fully agree .. student teacher relationship (sexual or emotional) can be very bad for the society.
Alisha 2009-08-29

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