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Sustainable and non sustainable weight loss

BY: SEdwin | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2010-02-18

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Weight loss and methods of making a person to lose weight has become an industry now. There are many places on the internet and also in the non virtual world where people tell and advertise that they are able to make people to reduce their weight. There are certain facts that people who go in for these advertisements should know. The information will make them to think twice if it is worth trying to reduce their weight using the measures that are advertised.

1. Decrease in weight:

The decrease in weight that is guaranteed by most of the companies and advertisers is actually possible through various means. The first thing that a person who goes in for the gimmicks should know is that our body is mainly made up of water. The water that is in the body can be lost to an extent by taking certain medicines and also being on a diet that will immediately help to reduce the water. This is what happens in most of the diet programs. The water content in the person is lost due to certain medications and also diet. This causes the immediate weight loss results. The question to be asked here is if all those who had lost weight been able to sustain the weight loss. The answer will be a big No!

2. Regaining weight:

Regaining weight is very easy once the person goes off the medications that are causing the water to be lost. The individual who lost the weight will think that he has been eating a lot and that is why he has regained the weight that was lost. Sustainable weight loss is what people should be aiming at. The reason for this is that once the weight loss is sustainable, then the person need not worry about regaining weight.

There are certain sustainable weight loss methods that are also explained below:

1. Aerobic exercises:

Aerobic exercises are those that are done with high repetition and low intensity. These are exercises like walking, jogging, cycling and similar exercises. The benefit that is derived from doing these exercises are that the person is able to lose the fat deposits as these exercises only drain away the fat that is stored. All the important other components are not lost from the body.

2. Wight lifting exercises:

Along with the aerobic exercises, there should also be some weight lifting exercises done. This is because when the person does some of these exercises, the muscle mass in he body increases. The increase in the muscle mass is very important because it helps to use up the fat for the metabolism of the body. Another reason why the muscle mass is good is that the increased muscle bulk causes the person to lose the resilient fat and not the good tissues.

This is the difference between the two methods of losing weight. The people wanting to reduce their obesity in a sustainable manner should try to use the aerobic and anaerobic exercises to reduce the weight rather than other methods.

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