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Survival skills needed when stranded in the ocean

BY: Deena David | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-12-30

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   Deena David
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Many people who are on a pleasure cruise or even on a small boating trip sometimes find themselves stranded in the ocean. There are various things that they should do to make sure that they are able to survive the ordeal that has put them in the situation. Surviving the ocean is one of the most difficult things due to various reasons. One if the fact that there is only sea water available and if a person drinks that, then the person can have various systemic problems that may ultimately lead to death and the sea water will also make the person more thirsty.

Knowing how to swim is a great plus when one is trying to survive the oceans because there may be times when they are quite close to the shore, but may fear drowning if they do not know to swim. At the same time it should be remembered that swimming may not help if the person is too weak to overcome the force of the waves.
Many people are stranded when their boat loses power and they start drifting. These people are the lucky ones as they would have provisions for a few days. People caught in the tsunami and also people in small boats, especially fishermen, who drift away from their regular course are the unlucky ones as they do not even have some cover over their head.

The few techniques that every person should know about surviving the sea are as follows:

1. Cling on to any drifting objects:

Try to get at any floating objects as you do not know when you might need them. If you are on a boat or only a piece of wood, then you might get at something to make a roof for yourself. Any wood that you see floating can be used to make harpoons or any other objects to try to get at some fish. So try to get any object that you see floating without falling off the thing on which you are clinging on to.

2. Save rain water:

Try to save as much rain water as possible as this would surely help you to survive the oceans when you are stranded there. If it rains, try to collect the rain water in as many things as it is possible and this will help you to have at least something to drink.

3. Fish and birds:

There are some people who have survived on some fish or a bird that they have caught when they were floating out at sea. This should also be the cue for almost anyone trying to survive the oceans. Use the oar or a driftwood or any other thing that you might have to try to get at some fish if you see them. Trying to catch fish in the ocean can be frustrating, so do not lose your cool.

4. Positive attitude and no panic:

The person may be stranded or may have been drifting for days, but all it takes is one minute to be rescued. So try not to panic and have a positive attitude to survive the oceans.

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