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Suggestions for Cross Cultural Communication

BY: SEdwin | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2010-02-25

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There are various groups of people who need to communicate with people of the other cultures. The reason for this is that these people need to be in contact with others as part of their job. These includes people who are in jobs that involve a lot of communication as in international businesses, hospitals where there are people of other cultures admitted and even in schools where children from different cultures study.

Cross cultural communication is slowly gaining momentum and also more importance. The reason for this is that people from various cultures are now living in touch with each other. Traveling from place to place has become easier and there are many more reasons like globalization that has made people of different cultures living together.

There are various suggestions that will help you to understand and learn much more about cross cultural communication as seen in these important aspects below:

1. Inquire regarding culturally sensitive rules of etiquette for greeting people:

Greeting people is a very important factor that needs to be considered. When you greet people, it is important to know the actual method that is used in the other persons culture and do accordingly and this will help not to offend the other person.

2. Learn correct pronunciation of names:

The pronunciation of names is also very important. This is because when one is not able to pronounce the name, it will reflect badly about the person. When one learns how to correctly pronounce the name of a person from another culture, it goes a long way in developing the friendship and the relationship between the two people and also to a certain extent between the people of the two cultures.

3. Avoid assumptions, always ask questions:

There are a lot of cultural variations when one considers the variety of people in this world. This should always be remembered and you should ask questions to know about the various cultural facts and not assume what you think is right. This can lead to some irreversible problems in certain situations.

4. Be sensitive to topics that may be taboo:

There are a lot of cultural variations and there may be some topics that are taboo in certain cultures, but it may not be a taboo in other cultures. This should be remembered very well while communicating with a person of another culture. This sensitivity will help to develop and improve your communication to a person of another culture.

5. Avoid use of slang, idioms, and jargon:

Slangs, jargons and other terms that are used are usually used locally. This makes you to understand that the person of another culture will not be able to understand this. This should be remembered and should never be used when communicating with a person of another culture.

6. Recognize the meaning of non-verbal's:

There are certain communities or people of certain cultures who use non verbal communication to a large extent. This should be understood by you as it will help you in the process of communication.

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