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Stress in IT Industry. Depression & Stress among Software Engineers

BY: Swati | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2009-04-07

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Stress, depression and hypertension have now become extremely common among all outsourcing / IT industries (Software, ITeS, BPO and KPO). Stress can lead to many health problems like sleeping disorder, anger, headaches, diabetes, fatigue and obesity. This is gradually transforming into a major health concern in India and especially during the times of economic depression when job security is doubtful, these concerns increase drastically.

A study by the Associated Chambers of commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), said 54 per cent of the workforce in the IT and ITeS sectors were afflicted with depression, severe headaches, obesity, chronic backache, spondylosis, diabetes and hypertension.

Evolution of Software Industry in India
When software industry first started gaining momentum in India starting to 1995-2000, everyone thought that IT industry is the best career option for Engineers and MBA's alike. Unfortunately, everyone started jumping in the IT bandwagon. From year 2000 to 2009, India saw a large number of new Engineering colleges popping up everywhere producing thousands (or lakhs) of new software engineers. Thanks to IT outsourcing, the demand for engineers has been going up but the supply of eligible candidates has gone up even higher. Most IT companies on the other hand now a days try to take maximum "juice" out of the candidate. Even though the official working hours are 8-9 hours per day, it is usually much more because of unrealistic deadlines set by managers. Additionally, many individuals work on weekends to meet those deadlines and make their managers happy for a better raise and job security.

Stressful Life
Individuals sit in their cubicles for hours without break, which is not only bad for their back and joints but also their eyes and physical fitness. These individuals can often suffer from cardiovascular disorders, ailments and even spondylosis. Stress also encourages individuals to eat unhealthy foods (like delicious fast foods) because they temporarily provides us pleasure.

Indian society is too much driven by financial status. Young people can expect a much better starting salary in IT than what their parents have achieved over the years working for government, sales or other traditional industrial sectors. People get a false pretense that they will be comfortably sitting in a cube, away from all the tensions and stress of day-today life. No one talks about the mental stress in IT Industry, which can be more damaging even than physical labour.

Think globally
People in China dream working in manufacturing industry, People in Thailand love to work in tourism sector, People in Africa dream to become a teacher and in India it's all about IT. Depending on the country you are in and opportunities available drives people towards a particular profession. It can be combination of both social status and financial incentives.

Although Indians are very hardworking, the fact is we all are sitting on a thin ice. What if rupee becomes stronger against Dollar, Euro or Pounds, it will be a huge blow to the entire service industry of India because cost of outsourcing will suddenly become much more and we might see out IT jobs further outsourced to cheaper destinations like Vietnam and China. Do you know China produces more engineers and PHD's annually, just that they have not yet caught up with English Language that well, but trust me, every year they are getting better. Wish I really know the future of IT, but since so many have started depending on it, we have introduced too much stress and job insecurity in the basket.

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stress management
I am doing study on stress for s/w engineers.It helps me lot. I want more information form you
kimaya 2009-09-20
good articles keep it up
I am a regualr reader of ur article`s.good these articles guiding me a lot me
vivek 2009-07-01

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