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Standing Ovation to Indian Politicians. Terrorist attacks in India

BY: Guest | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2008-09-19

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This article is written against the terrorists activities in India and inability of politicians to take appropriate measures. This is not at all against the Muslim society because majority of them are true Indians and not jihadis. Politicians of different parties seems to take advantage of recent bomb blasts for their personal benefits (like strengthening vote bank) and this is the major concern of the author

India is a country of all religions, unlike most countries where people are just Christians or Muslims. To put anyone and everyone in jail for questioning just because he is Muslim is not correct. But some argue if the game of terrorism is played by the politicians, that too not state politicians but central politicians [citation needed].

1. Relatives of these politicians including sons daughters or family members don't die in these blasts, they cannot understand the problems faced by a common person. Citation from web admin: Actually many politicians have died in past including the prime ministers Rajiv and Indira Gandhi of Congress party.

2. One government party wants Muslim vote so don't ban the terror outfits otherwise the Muslim vote will be gone. They tell it is targeting muslims and not specifically terrorists. The other political party threatens to pull down the government but no one sees that they are those deadly insects of this glorious country that are eating and ruining up this country from inside.

3. Terror outfits say they will destroy India from wihin and raise Islam in India and capture Delhi they may do so not because Indians are weak but because weak and mean politicians will not be able to stop them.

Atleast the terror outfits are clear in their motive but our honourable political ministers are not clear about anything. Their sole motive is to remain in power. They just want to earn more money when they come in power.

Many politicians pledge that INDIA IS THEIR MOTHER (Country), just imagine, if their true mother would have been really hurt or fallen, then all top medical institutes like AIIMS and APOLLO would have come into action.

What Indian government has to say is that there will be justice and swift actions will be taken till all culprits are caught. But answer this, after every blast why do these politicians say that now we are safe and can go where we feel like? They seem to be telling false statements on the face of every Indian.

And people please - Being an Indian doesn't mean just Hindu - An Indian is anyone who loves this country no matter if his religion is Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, or anything else.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: Submitted by:Tanmay Rawat
Graduate, working in an automobile company.

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Being an Indian
You know how it feels like being Indian. At one place companies are earning billions. On the other hand people are dying of hunger and thirst. Toothless politicians are ruining great India.. Before being international super power let Indian people at least have power.. to solve our own issues. Why should we bear the slow process of government. You can make it fast of course.. by pating bribes.. otherwise everything is slow..
Omkar Gongle 2010-02-18

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