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Sophisticated Beggars of poor India - Facts of Begging Profession

BY: Bharat | Category: India | Post Date: 2008-10-06

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If you visit any major city of India, you will find one thing in common, an army of beggars which never seem to end. You will find them everywhere - red light on a signal, trains, pedestrian walkways, tourist spots or even the outside religious places. Actually regions outside religious places and tourist spots seem to be most crowded. If you are a tourist, visiting from United States, your illusion that everyone in India is a software engineer or a farmer, your assumption will be "shockingly" shattered.

Regular Beggars:
You will find all sort of individuals begging all over the place, from perfectly healthy individuals, women, small children and even disabled in torn and dirty clothes. Some of them who have perfected the art of begging by crying perfectly, of applying blood paint. The state of beggars in India is truly shocking. These are traditional beggars and then there are some sophisticated ones discussed below.

Sophisticated Beggars:
These sophisticated beggars are able to get more money from you and with little effort. They try everything to scare you or get your deepest emotions out in order to get money. They literally use emotional blackmail to extract money out of your wallet.

1. English speaking beggars:
They will ask you to buy them some medicines which they "badly need" and will take you to the nearby chemist shop where you can buy them those medicines. You leave the place thinking what a great humanly work you have done today, unfortunately the chemist/shopkeeper have a tie-up with the beggars and both split the profits.
(Read the whole story here timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Cities/English-speaking_beggars_in_Delhi/articleshow/3552002.cms)

2. Banging on the windshield or window of your car on a red traffic light:
Beggars often try to knock on your car window and some do it really hard, at the same time crying for money. The first thing most people riding the car do is roll-up their window to avoid the hands comming inside, but what if the intensity banging increases. This happens so fast that you almost come under the pressure to give this beggar some money so that he goes away, and thats exactly they want. You obviously do not have time to catch that guy and call the police. Who wants to go to an India police station and get into all that mess. In all cases try to avoid all eye contact with them.

3. Beggars holding a monkey or a bird as a hostage:
Beggars will often have a pet like monkey or parrot sitting on their shoulder. If they feel that you are sorry for the little animal, then they will take 10-20 rupees from you to let their pet go free. These pets are actually trained to go away and then come back after a few minutes and by thay time you would have left the scene. They can then seek a new person to fool.

4. Women wearing less clothes:
Often scarcely dressed women beggars in shabby clothes will come to your home, banging or ringing the door bell repeatedly, pretending that they do not have money to buy clothes. You will likely give them some of your own old clothes and possibly some money too. They will thank you, shower all sort of wishes and the moment, they leave your house, give all that stuff to their accomplice and then go to another house in the same old outfit to beg more.

5. Using a baby to beg:
Some women will tell that their baby is really hungry, never give them cash always provide food if you want. You may see some of them borrow baby from each other to beg.

THE BEST WAY TO DONATE: Tips on how to handle a beggar.
Always try to avoid beggars and walk past them as if they do not exist. The best way is supporting is to give money to local charities. But if you really want to then follow these tips ..

- You can give food to the seriously handicapped and the really old ones.
- Give food not money.
- Some young kids even as old as 5 years are sent by their parents to beg for money, give them candy or food.
- Never donate in open or take out your wallet in front of a group of beggars, you may be mobbed and robbed. Keep some notes/bills in your pocket and just take the rupee note out directly.

Many missing children in India are often kidnapped, forced into Mafia-run begging gangs or even Prostitution. Thousands of children go missing from Indian cities ever year, many forced into begging.

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