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Simplifying Education Management Software

BY: Siva | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-02-05

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A look at Simplifying Education Management software.

EducationERP.net School Management System (SMS) is the unique application that helps every educational institution to be a winner. SMS is built in close cooperation with Educational stake holders (viz. Executives, Administrators, Students and Faculty) across the globe. Concisely, educationERP.net is a comprehensive and an extremely user-friendly solution with Web 2.0 interface and mobile enabled ERP.

At educationERP.net we believe that every educational institution deserves best of modern management practices and state-of-the art technology which improves performance in terms of cost, speed & accuracy. SMS facilitates institutions to adopt to best of the modern industry practices thus helping them to be the super performing institutions.

SMS is built on the latest technology platform and is highly reliable. It helps in better resource utilization, streamlines flow of information, and improves decision-making capability. It increases productivity by considerably reducing business process cycle time. It generates various reports viz. on Admission, Attendance, Performance, Placement, Online Examination, Bus Management, Library, Inventory, Payroll, and Accounts etc.

educationERP.net- School Management System is complete school management software designed to help schools create a strong educational foundation by equipping them with advanced technology for reliable, fast school management and administration. In addition, this school management software offers Multi-language support allowing schools to use the school software in their familiar native language in addition to English.

This online school management system also includes a whole range of activities such as incorporating different rules of an education system and taking care of diverse needs coming from different standards emerging in education such as boards, grades, government standards and compliances, to name a few. This fully browser-based school management system software can be conveniently accessed from both school intranet and public internet. Yet another advantage of this education management system
software is that it runs on minimal hardware and easily fits in the budget of schools.

These powerful and practical features make educationERP.net- School Management System a unique offering for schools that are looking for next generation online school management software. educationERP.net is here to provide a complete, customized education management software at a very nominal extra cost, as we believe in making sure that schools get a school management system software that fully satisfies their need to create an edge in the education system of the future!.

Uses of educationERP.net's School Management Software:

Automate Registration & Admission
Manage Student Information Efficiently
Manage Classes, Subjects according to requirements
Automated Time Table Generation with a number of options
Transport Maintenance Management
Trace Students & Staff Attendance
Library Management
Staff Salary Generation & expenses Management
Automated Examination Management System
Maintain Grades , Create Grade Book
Analyze the Performance of a class
Manage Hostel Boarding & lodging
Manage your own Security
Countless MIS Reports Generation

This versatile school management software offers easy customization options to suit the needs of schools across different countries and geographies. Tailored to the individual and unique requirements of each school, you will be able to use the complete features and functionality of this school management system software according to your school's requirement.

Ultimately, SMS of EducationERP.net aims at simplifying education management.

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