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Simple methods of identifying and protecting sensitive skin

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2010-01-15

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Women like to have silky smooth skin. There are various skin types and these are not easily identified if a person has no idea of skin care. At least those who have sensitive skin should be able to identify their skin type. This is because the skin that is sensitive can easily react with various other elements of the nature and this can cause damage to the skin that is quite significant. The damage to the skin can also be permanent if the person does not make adequate steps to prevent it.

Identifying sensitive skin:

The sensitive skin can be identified very easily if the person takes adequate care of the skin. The skin is usually healthy with no major color changes. In a person with skin that is sensitive, the color of the skin can change dramatically under certain circumstances. The color of the skin can either decrease or increase when the skin is reacting to the nature. The skin can also become itchy, irritated red and raised when it gets damaged by various natural changes in climate. These climatic changes that damage the skin include excessive heat, windy climate, cold and also other similar changes.

Protecting sensitive skin

Women who love to have good skin should take a lot of care of their skin if there is a lot of sensitiveness of the skin to the natural elements. This will prevent further damage to the skin and protect the person from getting some diseases too.

1. Protect from sun:

The skin on the vulnerable parts of the body should be protected by making sure that the sun light does not fall on the exposed parts. Various protective garments can be worn to make sure that the skin is well hidden from the damaging rays of the sun.

2. Sunscreens:

The person who has to go out in the sun as part of the profession or various other reasons should make sure that the skin is protected from the sun by applying adequate sun screen lotion. This sun screen lotion, if it is quite good, will prevent the ultra violet rays from affecting the skin and damaging it.

3. Natural methods of protecting sensitive skin:

There are many natural methods of protecting the skin that is very sensitive. The best method of doing this is to drink a lot of water. Water is a natural detoxifying agent in the body. A person who drinks enough of water each day will have all the damaging materials from the body to be eliminated from the body. This protects the skin from getting damaged further.

4. Diet:

The diet that the person consumes also plays a major role in the care of the skin. This is because eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits will make sure that the person has a lot of anti oxidants in the body. The increased amount of anti oxidants will prevent the various diseases from occurring and this will give a healthy glow to the sensitive skin.

These are some of the important methods of keeping sensitive skin healthy and safe.

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