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Simple and effective methods of countering writers block

BY: SEdwin | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2010-02-16

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Writers block is an imaginary block that occurs in the persons mind. Any writer will have a great ability to write if the conditions are right. The writing ability is usually natural. One should understand that the writer is not always a person who has a good command over the language. The creativity is much more important. Similarly, every person who has good language abilities also cannot become a writer. There are only a select few who are able to become a writer as well as a creative person in this task.

As a person writes, there is a free flow of thought. This thought is very rarely blocked because the writer keeps writing at a fast pace. There are times when the writer encounters a sudden block in the flow of these thoughts. This is called as the writers block. The sudden block can be due to many reasons. One of these is that the person who was writing at a fast pace suddenly encountered a distraction which made the person to lose the concentration. These few seconds of distraction is enough to have a writers block.

There are various methods that can be followed by the writer to make sure that they do not encounter these writers block. Some of these methods are very simple, but they are effective in spite of the simplicity. The list of these measures is given here.

1. Work without distraction:

Simple methods of controlling the distraction that is possible will help the person to avoid writers block. If you are writing in your own house, then closing the door will help to shut out the distraction. This is one of the best methods of avoiding the block that comes due to distraction. Other methods of avoiding distraction can include making sure that the writer starts writing in a place that is quiet and peaceful with no disturbance from anybody or anything.

2. Sleep adequately:

Sleep deprivation is one of the commonest causes of writes block. More writers suffer from this cause of writers block than any other cause. Many writers work with a deadline in mind. They might also be part time writers who work to support the family as they write to go on with their hobby. This causes lack of sleep as they are doing two jobs at the same time. The lack of sleep makes them to lose their concentration and this causes writers block very frequently.

3. Finish your pending jobs before writing:

A writer who has any other jobs pending should finish the job before the writing is started. This is because if there is something pending, then the person will be thinking of this work as the person writes and this can cause the person to get distracted. This is the reason for it being said that the writer should make sure that they finish all the pending work before starting to write.

These are the various methods that can be used to make sure that the person does not have any writers block while writing.

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