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Should parents spy on their children

BY: SEdwin | Category: Family | Post Date: 2010-02-21

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Parents have a great burden on them till their children are successful in their life. There are very few parents who do not worry about their children. Even those parents who worry about their children worry more about the success of their children. If the child is successful in education, getting a job and settling in life, then the parents are also very happy.

If the child is not well settled or if the child has not been successful in life, the parents are the ones who worry about this a lot. The reason for this is the love that the parents have on the child. The success of the child depends a lot on the way the child was brought up by the parents. One of the most important questions that every parent faces today is if they can spy on their kids.

Parents like to really spy on their kids to know if the child is growing up in the right way. There are many children who have not been under the supervision of the parents and have been ignored which have caused them to grow up without parental support. These children are the ones who have a high chance of growing up to be different from normal children. This makes it important for the parents to keep their kids under some sort of control.

Controlling kids

The control should be effective so that the kids are not able to do things that are wrong. At the same time, the parents should not actively spy on their kids. Many kids do not mind their parents being inquisitive about their activities, but if they spy on their kids, the children feel that their parents are trying to undermine their freedom. The child may also feel that the parents do not have faith in the child or do not believe the child. This causes a lot of negative feelings in the child to the parents. This should be avoided by the parents.

Instead of spying on the children, the parents can make the children understand that they will be keeping tab on the activities of the child. The child should know that the parents are truthful and are taking care of them with their knowledge. This is very important in maintaining a good relation with the parents.

Methods of controlling the child:

There are various methods of controlling the child and these methods can include activities such as tracking the child through cell phones by making calls at regular intervals. The child should be made to understand that the parents need to know where the child is going and at what time the child will be back. This will make it easy for the parents to know that the child is under the control. Timing is another important factor and though the child is given adequate freedom, control is made in the time beyond which the child should not be out of the house.

All these activities are very important for the child to have a safe time. The parents do not spy on the child and give enough freedom and the child should also give mutual respect by coming home on time and informing the parents about their whereabouts.

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