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Should I leave my day job to work on a home based internet business?

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2010-02-07

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Home based businesses are those that a person can do from the comfort of their own sweet homes in the midst of their family. When a person has an internet based business, there is no need to rush to the office each morning leaving the family behind. This is one of the primary advantages of having a home based business. There are many people who want to leave their regular day jobs to concentrate on their home based businesses. This may be a good idea for some and for others, it may not be the best idea.

There are various factors that determine if a person working in a home based business can leave their day jobs. These factors are all explained in this article.

1. Salary:

The salary that the person earns through the home based business plays a primary role in the determination of whether the person can leave the day job or continue in the day job and do the home based business as a temporary job. If the salary or the income through the home based business is very high and there is a chance of further increase in the pay if the person spends more time on the business, then the person can leave the present job to concentrate on the home based business.

2. Type of job:

The type of job is another important factor that determines if the person can leave their regular job and concentrate on the home based business. If the individual is already working in an environment where the person is likely to lose the job, then for such a person, the home based business would seem to be a better option and it probably is too! At the same time, if the person is in a permanent position where the income is quite regular and takes care of all the needs, then the person should decide to continue with the regular job and can do a part time job on the home based business, but should not leave the regular job to home based business.

3. Supplementary income:

The supplementary income that is earned through the home based business is another factor that plays a role in determining if the person can leave the permanent job or not. If there is another person in the family who earns an income, then the person can leave the regular job to continue in the home based business online.

4. Family expenditure:

The expenditure of the family also plays a major role in the decision of either working only on a home based online business or also working in the regular job. In a large family living in a city, the expenses are sure to be high. This increased expense should prevent the person from resigning the regular job for the home based business, but the person should try to continue in both the jobs.

These are the various factors that determine if the person should do a home based business or continue in the regular job or balance the time between both.

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Business owner
I would vote no to the average person who is thinking of leaving a semi secure job and income until they are finacially sound in their own home based business. Roger Turntine
Roger Turntine 2010-02-25

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