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Share Bazaar - Right time to invest in Gold ETF

BY: Thebullishtrends | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2008-08-17

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Now Gold rates are coming down day by day in international markets, and we are receiving many of queries relating to Gold ETF's and investors are asking about the fresh buying in Gold ETF's.

Surely GOLD ETF's can be considered for secured and long term investments. But no need to rush for GOLD ETF's immediately, because analysts are expecting that Gold prices will come down below to Rs.10300 level. One can see further downfall in Gold prices as the Crude rates are coming down day by day.

When can I buy Gold ETF's?
One can enter into the Gold ETF's when the gold prices have come down below Rs.11,000 one can enter and start continuous buying till the reaches Rs.10,300 level. Due to the Oil prices are coming down and dollar is strengthening there is a possibility of further down in gold prices in the international markets.

Gold is a traditional investments among the Indian society. While you acquired the Physical Gold or Jewellery you have to face the risk of security and while you sold below the 3 years time you need to pay the capital gains tax but in case of Gold ETF's there is no problem of physical handling of the gold and no need to pay the tax except longterm capital gain tax as per the IT law.

Which Indian fund can I select??
UTI Gold Share (CMP:Rs.1196) and Reliance Gold Exchange Trade Fund (Cmp:Rs.1200.35). Please wait another two to three days to enter into these Gold ETF's but surely these two funds are very good bets for the Gold Investments.

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etf gold
i want to know about uti gold etf. can i have a delivery for this or it work like mcx gold how it works up&down
vivek 2009-12-29

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