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Shahrukh Khan the King of Bollywood

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-08-04

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   Muhammed Haris
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Shahrukh Khan has also been known as the King of Bollywood even though he is not the most handsome guy in Bollywood. You may find actors like Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, and Salman Khan etc as much more handsome with a much better personality than Shahrukh Khan. But despite their good looks, none of them could reach the level what Shahrukh Khan has reached in Bollywood today. Every producer and director wants to work with him but he works on very selective projects, that is the beauty of that actor.

It is because of the talent in the acting of Shahrukh Khan, he has been so famous and his movies have been very successful. Actors like Aamir Khan are into different creative movies. Many times they fail in experimenting the creative movies. But the strength of Shahrukh Khan is in romantic movies. Even audiences prefer watching romantic movies. So the romantic movies of Shahrukh Khan are being widely accepted by the audiences. In this year itself movies like Rabne Banadi Jodi and Billu Barber have gained good success because of their romantic stories, romantic songs and dances etc. His movies are mostly romantic but he always acts in different kinds of romantic movies, so it doesn't get monotonous to see him over and over again.

Even in the romantic stories, he shows his creativity. Rabne Banadi Jodi has entirely a different story compared to other love stories. Hero being a traditional village person could not keep his wife. So he is trying to make himself very moderate and tries to win the heart of his wife. Finally he makes her realize that, he only was acting to be a smart guy. The story was very much nearer to the reality. The double role of Shahrukh khan was depicting entirely two different personalities. Shahrukh Khan's talent of managing to act as a traditional village person was really awesome. For his unique talent in romantic movies, he remains as a king of Bollywood. A lot of actors come and go in Bollywood but very few are able to sustain a good position for so long. Infact Shahrukh Khan has been the heart throb of bollywood fans for over a decade now. Therefore it is right to say "Shahrukh Khan the king of Bollywood". He has been the king and will be the king of bollywood for several years to come.

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