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Set the Tone in Reigning Purple Dress

BY: Angela Kristin | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2008-12-03

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   Angela Kristin
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There are no hard and fast rules to go for any particular styling. Everyone have their own choices and can go for anything of their choice. But still it's good to have fair idea about each style, design, color and cut of a dress. May be not for you but for giving suggestions this noesis can come in use.

Amongst sea of style dresses here we are going to talk about one drop of water i.e. purple color dress. Purple is the fast emerging color for dresses.

Women are seen going for it rapidly. Its enormously beautifying nature has made it favorite of many in a very short time period. The main positive point of purple color dress is its versatile quality that makes it good for every complexion and figure without discriminating on any point. From dark skinned women to fair skinned women to whitish skinned women, it flatters all.

Purple dress has such an appealing power to beautify the simplest one also. It imparts a very classy look and is very feminine by nature. But wearing a purple dress is also a game and you should be aware of its rules. If truly followed the rules then it's guaranteed that you can win over anybody's heart in it.

Read and follow the tips below for wearing purple dress.

If want to wear purple while heading to office then purple top over a skirt and under the blazer just looks amazing. It imparts stylish as well as complete professional look.

Purple comes in many shades like lilac, lavender, plum, deep reddish purple, etc. Its all shades are very captivating and befit all.

Purple color dress portrays elegance and is considered the symbolic representation of royalty. In fashion language it is looked upon as seductive and stylish. It looks good only on rich fabrics like velvets and satins.

Purple dress looks good on every occasion. Whether you are heading for prom, wedding, cocktail, evening party, fall, ball etc.

From head to toe in purple can look overwhelming. If worn in contrast with other colors gives classy and sophisticated look. It makes a best pair with brown and black. Like purple color top with brown pant or skirt or purple turtleneck sweater under a black blazer and so on. If want to get into purple completely then purple gowns are the best choice. Though gowns do come in contrasting colors but single color gowns looks more elegant.

Entire complementary look just looks stunning. If worn purple color accessories with purple dress then see the magic of purple. You will just look like a princess of some palace. Like purple handbag, purple shoes, purple scarf, purple jewelry etc. Even the make-up you do should be of purple shade. As if purple shade eyebrow, purple lipstick, purple mascara, purple eyeliner etc. In short a purple queen.

Choose fabric material little glossy for a shining effect. Keep accessories minimal when dressing in a purple outfit as purple in it is much effective to bring out the show. Make a bold statement in purple.

This reigning hue is very powerful and has a great significance. Even being loved by celebrities too than why you lag behind from setting the tone in it?

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About Author / Additional Info: Angela Kristin is an associated editor to the website onlygowns.com. It is committed to provide visitors with complete information on Party Dresses,Cocktail Dresses, Prom dresses, Beaded dresses and Christmas Party Dress by latest news, personal views, and articles on women fashion related topics.
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