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Self esteem - Key to happy and successful life

BY: JNLakshmi | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2008-10-24

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Self esteem is the value that a person gives to himself and how he likes himself. Going by the dictionary, the word esteem means "to hold high regard or to appreciate the worth of". It is the persons self opinion that he is worthy to be cared and loved for. It is how your respect and believe in yourself. It is the key for successful and happy life.

Mostly in the interviews, the first question will be "Yes, tell me about yourself". Of course, they know all your educational qualification, tech skills etc through your resume, they ask this question, because they wanted to know how you project and honor yourself and respect whatever you have accomplished so far.

Self esteem makes you feel good. Set positive goals and applause yourself when you achieve it. Treat yourself well. Learn to do whatever you enjoy. When your life gets too mechanical, and you are held up at strenuous work, that totally affected your social life, take a break when you have completed a project successfully. Feel that you deserve to be happy. This will recharge you to take up more challenging task and move ahead with your goals. Putting on a perfect dress, dressing up well and neat, putting up a bright smile in your face also makes you feel good. Healthy self esteem starts from our family, our community, schools and work place.

Everybody makes mistake. You may face failure in some cases, but it should not turn you to feel unworthy. There is a famous quote by Sir.Thomas Alva Edison, that when he was asked by a reporter "How does it feel to have failed 700 times?- he said, I have not failed once. I found 700 ways that won't work. - he replied." We learn through our mistakes. Focus on what has to be done and where it went wrong. Always study yourself, list out your positive and negative qualities. Try to slowly chop off the bad, negative ones. Be satisfied with who you are and try to sharpen your intellectual skills that will help you succeed. Do not think of the bad thing that had happened in the past. Do not self-criticise. Do not be aloof. Involve in group movement. Volunteer, help others, teach kids to read or do some social work.

Self esteem right from childhood: Developing self esteem right from the childhood is very important. Giving good appreciation and wordily praise really means a lot to the child in the young age. When the child does homework regularly, speaks out, well-disciplined, good in sports or any co-curricular activity, it is very important that the teachers and parents give attention and encourages the child's action. Also, small gifts, stickers and praising them will really boost their self-esteem. At home too, parents should listen to the child, giving appreciation at the right time is vital. When the kids accomplish something, celebrate! by getting him whatever he likes, take him to the movie which he wanted to see. Just the small thing that will be encouraging and feel proud of his accomplishment.

Give the child hugs frequently, make them know that they are loved and cared. Let your child communicate and listen to him. Never ridicule or tease a child's action. It will crumb him and he will never come forward to stand in front of the crowd and speak or perform. He will develop fear to move with people and feel insecure. Never let your child down in front of others specially his friends and never compare him with others. Bad parenting makes the kid go low self esteem, insecure and it makes him arrogant. Let your child express his feelings. He has to know that when he is happy, he has to hug, enjoy, play etc, when he is sad he should express it too. Listen to your kid when he says that he had bad day at school. When he is angry, give him a hug and make him relax, ask him what happened. Explain and help him to overcome his rough times in a productive manner.

Advantages of self esteem
Gives you courage.
Makes you feel secure and overcome fear.
Will help you face failure as a stepping stone to success.
Will make you adaptable and adjustable.
Will grow with positive attitude and quite confident (not over confident).
Learn to forgive yourself.
Makes you confident, independent.
Help you know that you are competent enough in the work place and gives more opportunities.

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About Author / Additional Info: JNLakshmi

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