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Self Respect - A precious treasure....

BY: Shivani | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-03-24

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SELF RESPECT is not just a union of two-words but carries an immense significance in everyone's life.

It's a treasure which is owned by everyone, be it rich or poor, ugly or pretty. Self-Respect is not associated with any term; it is the sense of worth in one's heart.

If a person wants to be respected by people, he/she first start respecting his/her own self. One should be proud of being born as a human being and should protect the reverence of the soul inside him.

Nobody should be allowed to hurt the esteem you carries in your spirit. It's our responsibility to respect others and not to allow others to impertinence your identity as an individual.

We, as a human being, are associated with different people in our lives but we should never forget that, before anything, we are first individuals having a soul and a heart which carries lot of emotions and feelings. Start respecting these emotions and then only others will understand its value. Don't let your sense of worth becoming ridicule of others.

Be true to yourself and respect your identity, rather than to be false and incur your own abhorrence.

We all can protect our Self-Respect, rather we all know how to do it but we are reluctant to do this as we are hassled with the relations allied with us in this materialistic world. We fear that by doing so, our precious relations might be at stake.

But we forget that our vital relation is with our soul.If we are not respecting our self , we finally will be losing the trust of our soul, which can collapse our identity as human being.

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Both are absolutely different.Self Image can be defined as an outset that one has of himself/herself , including an evaluation of qualities and personal merit.
Shivani 2009-06-24
Self Respect
your article is good, but what is the difference between self respect and self image then
Satyendra Mishra 2009-06-22
The article is good. Write in detail for the benefit of people of all age groups especially the youth. Best wishes
Dr. M.O.Koshy 2009-05-26
Nice thoughts
Just to tell that your article is quite nice.
Arroyo 2009-04-12

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