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Selecting the Best Telephone System for a Business

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2010-01-28

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   David Prakash Kumar
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When you have a small business and you decide to get an office for yourself to get on with the business, the first thing that comes in your mind is that you need a telephone line. There are many telephone system providers who can give you all sorts of discounts or cheap prices for a sub script ion.
Method that is involved in choosing the best provider?

1 Based on need:

You can choose the provider by the number of people that work for you in your office. You don't have to choose a big sub script ion if you have a few employees. If you have hired people that don't really need the phone, then buy only phone lines for employees that will use the phone.

2 Based on growth of business:

If the expected growth of a business is about 50% each year, you should think about the future. When you open the office itself, you should plan for the future a bit because this can make you decide what type of sub script ion to choose and this could save considerable amount of work and money for the future. For now, let's think that you have only three employees that use the phone, don't install only three lines because you don't know what the future has in store for you. It is easy to call the provider and tell him that you want a bigger sub script ion, well installing phones initially than what you would spend if you install more lines the second time.

3 The number of incoming calls:

The phone traffic can play an important role in the decision. Think about how many calls you will be making each day. Also think of the number of calls that you will get in your company. This is the most important thing about choosing the right number of lines. This is because you don't want an important call to be interrupted as another call is coming in. Similarly, if many of your employees call at the same time, the network will block. If you have a small business that is affiliated with a bigger company and does client support, you should think about how many calls you would get each day. The person running these businesses should think about the various options that are present in choosing the provider.

4. Customer support:

The customer support that is provided by the company is very important. This is because the person who is running a business may lose a lot of money in the initial time because of the amount involved in installing the phone system. At he same time, the person may also lose a lot of money in lack of business or not having good clients, who might eave you because contacting you is difficult because of faulty phone system. This can be prevented if you have a good telephone system with adequate customer support.

Once all these aspects have been planned and you know how many people work for you at present, how many people you think will work for you in the future, about the extent of phone traffic and if you will need support, then you can go and search for the best telephone provider.

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