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Second Coming Of Jesus Christ - The rebirth and return of Christ

BY: Cross Warrior | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-08-19

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   Cross Warrior
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Would you be SURPRISED to realize that JESUS has told YOU every week of your life EXACTLY WHEN HE'S COMING BACK?

No, we DON'T know "the day nor the hour", but He has told everyone of us exactly when He's coming back! Do you agree that the earth's monthly cycle is determined by earth's relationship to the moon? Do you agree that the earth's yearly cycle is determined by earth's relationship to the sun? Do you agree that the earth's 24-hour day cycle is determined by earth's relationship to the sun and moon?

Then what in the heavens, astronomically speaking, determines our 7 day weekly cycle? You're right! NOTHING! So where did we get a 7 day week? It goes all the way back to Creation in the Book of Genesis, God created the earth in 6 days, and rested on the Seventh Day.

Why did God create a 7 day week? Why not a 5 day week or a 10 day week? Maybe God was trying to tell us something! In addition, why is the number 7 called God's number in the Bible? "Because it's the perfect number, or it signifies completion" you may reply. But why is 7 a perfect number? and why does 7 signify completion? The answer will become apparent!


When will that be? Many astronomers and other scientists using sophisticated computer programs have calculated that the earth will be 6000 years old sometime around the year 2000, give or take a few years. In addition, someone besides God knows exactly how old the earth is. He was around when it was created ---SATAN. And when does he want to have his counterfeit ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT in place? Right! THE YEAR 2000!

So there it is: Why is "7" God's perfect number? From the time the Garden of Eden was created until Eden is restored by God in the earth made new will be 7000 years - THE GREAT WEEK OF TIME! JESUS WILL RETURN WHEN THE EARTH IS 6000 YEARS OLD. Jesus is coming...He is "Even at the door!" (Matt 24:32,33)

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