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Seasonal allergies - How to reduce the pollen level at home

BY: Swati | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2008-10-08

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Pollens are tiny particles usually released by plants and can trigger seasonal allergies for many people. People can be allergic not only to pollen from plants but also from pet dander, dust mites, grass, fruits, nuts and even metals. Seasonal allergies and asthma are different terms, asthma is more serious condition where as seasonal allergies are just a temporary seasonal phase when the pollen level is high.

Find out which pollens you are allergic to:
It is important for you to know what type pollens you are allergic to, for example if you are allergic to grass pollens your allergies will trigger when you go to parks, cut grass etc .. Therefore locking yourself up in the home in allergy season is not the best solution. Skin prick test is the most common test done by doctors, in which they induce very small portions of common allergens in your area and find what you are allergic to. This is not an expensive procedure and should always be done by an expert professional.

Determine the season when those pollens are high:
Seasonal allergies are most active during spring when plants are in full bloom. They may also happen during the fall season. Additionally pollens are high when it's windy because air lifts all the pollens and circulates around.

How to reduce the pollen level at home:

1. Use Hepa air purifiers, they suck all the pollens as the air passes through them. Similarly use Hepa certified vacuum cleaner. Do not open too many windows especially during the day time.

2. Avoid drying clothes outside as pollens tend to stick on wet clothes.

3. Air conditioners tend to reduce the effects of certain types of allergens.

4. Get a Nasal Rinse from your nearby stores, they are cheap and come with a nasal rinse bottle and special salts which can be mixed with water and these salts totally prevent irritation which may be caused by using just the plain water.

5. Do not go out when pollen level is very high:
Check on sites like pollen.com and if the allergy counts for that day are really high then stay indoors. If you know the pollen you are allergic, to then check out the detailed section and see if the one you are allergic to is high or not.

6. Take showers regularly, wash your hair and use change our clothes after entering the house.

7. Keep the grass low, or hire someone to cut grass for you during the seasonal allergies.

8. Wear sunglasses, they reduce pollen reaching your eyes.

9. Take advice of your doctor and take medications if necessary, do not decide yourself about anti-allergic medications.

10. Pollen level is low during a rain or just after that.

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