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Search Engine Marketing helps to increase online product sales

BY: Deena David | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2010-01-28

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   Deena David
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SEM is the key to quality traffic to your online shop with very small investment.
Marketing on search engines depends on traffic and increasing the traffic can include a number of ways in which a website can get best possible placement on search engines. In other words, it is the most relevant results for certain keywords. The engines that overcome competing sites, help to increase traffic and it is expressed in number of unique visitors. Among the instruments used by Search Engine Marketing are: Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a general term covering a variety of marketing tactics designed to attract web traffic from search engines and directories. SEM is a popular tool because it has the potential of substantial profits for minimum investment. Traffic coming from search engines and directories tend to be motivated acquisitions, making the most likely visitors to become clients for your services and products. Three marketing techniques included in SEM are search engine optimization, directory submission and PPC ads.

SEM by positioning in search engines

SEO - SEM is the aspect that includes searching for terms that are relevant to your company profile that potential customers are looking online, and search engine optimization (that provide keywords). When searching products or services in a search engine like Google, most people just look at the first few pages of results before giving up or trying a new search. It is therefore important to rank in the top 20 results in a niche search. Using search engine positioning helps to become one of the first results list according to relevant keywords to your company. This is the main reason for many people using SEM.

Using Directory Submission for position in search engines:

Beside search engines, online directories, is another method by which potential customers find websites that offer goods or services. Therefore positioning a website in online directories is an important issue for SEM. Online directories can vary from huge sites with general information. Directory submission has a double-positive for EIA, because links from directories with high-rankings can improve positioning in search engines, but being a particular traffic source. There are many such directories on the internet.

PPC ads by keywords - a useful tool SEM

PPC ads by keywords are a valuable tool to help companies obtain SEM goals, especially when they use a keyword often used for competition. PPC ads or Pay-Per-Click (pay-per-click) are displayed by some search engines alongside normal search results for certain keywords. Some search engines like Google displays the ads in a separate column to keep the integrity of normal results page. PPC ads are a cheap method of SEM because the company is not obligated to pay only for those who come to the site through these links. Usually, people earn a certain amount per click, which determine ad position on search results page. Using PPC advertising, companies can obtain an improved exposure for important keywords, and use some words that would be too difficult to use for a natural ranking obtained, by optimizing the website.

SEM is one of the best tools for online sales for a minimal investment.

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