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Scientific facts in Quran

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2009-07-21

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   Muhammed Haris
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My study on Quran has made me to feel shock about the fact that, Quran has mentioned many scientific facts which are invented by the modern science lately in the twentieth century. Let me explain briefly about the few things which are mentioned in Quran, but the science was not knowing them for long time. In fact, for many inventions, the study of Quran by the scientists was the base.

The Big Bang Theory:
The Big Bang Theory has been given by the science in twentieth century. But Quran has mentioned about it in fifth century itself. Quran mentions that, the universe was created by a big and powerful explosion of a base thing. The explosion of the base thing has lead to the creation of the entire solar system. The Big Bang Theory given in the twentieth century mentions exactly same thing. It is very amazing how the Quran could mention in fifth century, if it has been written by a man.

Embryological Stages:
Quran had clearly mentioned the different stages of growth of the child from embryo. It is amazing that science could know it only in twentieth century.

The end of the world:
Quran had clearly mentioned about the fact of the end of the world. But the science could know it very recently.

The theory of rainfall:
Until eighteenth century, it was believed that the raining was happening when the water of sea is carried by wind and showered on land. Even the great people like Socrates and Plato had supported this theory. Quran had clearly mentioned that the rainfall happens from the clouds. But the science could not know it until eighteenth century.

Facts on the intelligence of bees:
Quran has clearly mentioned about the talent given to bees. Modern science agrees that the creation of bee homes requires one to have the expert knowledge of geometry.

Facts on natural calamities:
Quran has clearly mentioned many facts about natural calamities. The science has agreed with it very recently.

Facts on human body:
Many things mentioned in Quran about the structure of body organs and blood, could be known by the science very recently.

I hope this article about scientific facts in Quran was an eye-opener for you as well.

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