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Safety tips while traveling in a foreign country

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2010-01-29

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   David Prakash Kumar
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It was not told for nothing that ‘Be a Roman when in Rome'. These days, where racial attacks and intolerances are increasing around the globe, the person travelling to another country would do well to be indiscreet and not attract a lot of attention. The threat by terrorists have made all security agencies to take not of atrangers and to consider them to be terrorists. Ths makes travel to another ocuntry a very different ball game from the past. Read on how to be safe in another country when you travel there.

What should I wear when I travel in another country?

Choose a common outfit that will make you ‘invisible' in that country. It is advisable to avoid both clothes and accessories that highlight you as well as those that make you look like a tourist. Thus, money, passport, the rest of the document ., the goods they have on you are safer. Take account of dress code of the place, especially in countries that are conservative in their outlook. Stay lucid and sober in relationships with others. It is best to avoid alcohol in countries that does not allow them. In places where it is not really very safe for women to travel alone, the women should try not to expose too much as it could lead to unwanted problems.

What should one know about the place to be visited?

It is always better to know about the place that you are going to visit. It is very useful and good to know more about the place and where you would be living, about the infrastructure, language, customs, etc... This will help you to have an idea as to what to expect and even finding an accommodation will become easier, if you have to search for one. When you spend a week in Japan, you will observe that a person there is quite different from a European in ways of greeting, topics of conversation, body language, etc.

How not to be cheated by people?

Many people take an outsider for a ride in come countries. To prevent this from happening, make a price list from the beginning. Get information on the prices for transport, food, shopping and other things before you visit the place, in a way that is as detailed as possible. This will help you to know if the taxi fare told by the driver is exaggerated or not. It will help you to bargain for the right price. These small things will help you to save a lot of money.

What should I know about the hotel staff?

Cultivate a relationship of trust with staff. It is good to know the phone number of the hotel reception or your host, and also leave the times when you will go out or come back. This will help them to look for you in case you go missing. A relationship of mutual trust brings many advantages. These will help the hosts or the hotel staff to help you in many ways, as you will need all your help in a country where you are visiting for the first time.

These ideas will help you to have a safe and secure travel.

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