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Safety Tips For a Single Woman

BY: JoJustin | Category: Women | Post Date: 2010-02-19

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Single women are generally safe in some parts of the world, but the safety depends on the type of people living near the place where the single woman lives. There are various factors that play a role in the safety of the single woman. The safety not only means physical safety, but also freedom from mental worries.

There are news reports of attacks or crimes against women in general and single women specifically. The reason for this is that some think that single women do not have much support and they are already alone and so will not put up a big fight in case of crimes against them. This could be the possible reason for the increased crimes against single women.

The method by which this can be rectified is by making sure that the single women try to avoid doing certain things and do certain things. These do's and don'ts are listed in this article.

1. Do not come home late at night if you are alone:

If the single woman is being dropped at home by some one, then going home alone is okay, but if you are going home all alone at night, then there might be some dangerous criminal elements lurking around to pick up the most vulnerable person.

2. Try to install a burglar alarm:

All single women should make sure that they have a burglar alarm installed in their house or where ever they are staying. The reason for this is that there might be a increased chance of stealing from houses where single people stay. This is because there is usually very less resistance from people who live alone in case of a burglary.

3. Phone numbers of contacts in handy:

The single woman should have some phone numbers of people who is known in a place where it is easily visible. This is in case the woman has had a heart attack or is unconscious, then there should be a contact number for others to contact. This is very important. The person may be living alone and if the person is sick, then these phone numbers will come in handy for the contacts to be called.

4. While traveling:

The person should make sure that while traveling, the money that the woman is carrying is well hidden and is not inviting other people to steal it. The woman should also carry certain identification cards on her to make sure that someone can be called in case of ay emergency. Also, while the woman stays in a new place all alone, it is better to stay in places where it is safe.

These are some of the important tips that women should follow in their travel and also in their daily life to make sure that no untoward incidents occur. The world is usually safe for single women just like it is for men, but they are more vulnerable at times and so following these tips will ensure safety in such situations.

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