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Safe Baby Cribs: Enhancing the Safety and Security of Your Little Ones

BY: urlelove20 | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2009-12-15

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Popular and customs and beliefs are telling us that baby things are to be bought after the baby has been delivered, but most parent to be are already buying baby cribs and some other necessary clothing before the birth of their baby. Choosing and purchasing baby stuffs can be a real heavy and serious task for the reason that there is a need to consider the safety and security of babies. In this case, none of safe feature should be ignored, just like for instance in looking and buying for safe baby cribs. This article will give you information on crib safety, will examine safety features of cribs, and will give you the necessary tips on how to choose the safest baby crib for your baby as well.
Safety Standards

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, baby cribs that are being manufactured nowadays must meet and pass the safety standards. So anyone can be sure that all cribs have met safety standards because before it was set out to be sold in the market it went through a lot of testing. Baby cribs that are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association have met the additional voluntary safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. If you are certain that the baby crib you chose have passed all the basic and additional safety standards then it is certified to be safe for your baby.

Statistics showed from a survey that only one baby out of four new babies get a new crib. The three new babies either content themselves with a hand me down baby cribs or have their own used ones bought by their parents. The fact still remains that many parents and soon to be parents are doing cost cutting measures by buying used cribs and other cheap baby furniture. This is really an effective way to save money because some of the used baby cribs being sold are still in a good state which will serve your baby's needs honestly. Although, there are others who would want to debate about these cheap used cribs in terms of safety and security due to the fact that there are still accidents that happens like babies getting injured or even die for using an old crib. That is why many parents still insist on buying a new crib to ensure 100% safety and security for their babies because it has passed all the necessary standards.
If you really want to save money, then you must consider these notes in buying cheap and used baby cribs. You can still take advantage of the cheapness of these used cribs and not suffer consequences from your personal thrift. Just make sure that the used crib you choose have met the current minimum safety standards. You can do this by simply checking out if the used baby crib has been recalled - visiting the recalls site. If ever that the crib has not been recalled then go see if the crib meets the minimum crib safety standards. Once you are done with all these investigation, you are assured of a crib that is absolutely safe for your baby.

Primary Baby Crib Safety Standards
1. The space between the vertical bars or slates must be no more that 2.4 inches wide. This safety standard prevents squeezing the baby's body into the space between two bars. No bar should be broken out.

2. Safe baby cribs must not have any decorative cutouts wider than 2.4 inches in the headboard or footboard of the crib in order to eliminate any potential hazard to the baby crib.

3. Smooth surface is a must for all baby cribs in order not to cause splinters and for the purpose of safe coating.

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About Author / Additional Info: You can purchase a new baby cribs that are highly reliable when it comes to safety and security at www.hellocribs.com. Varieties of cribs and other baby cribs accessories are available at the web site which has all met the necessary safety standards set by Consumer Products Safety Commission. Included in their selections are portable baby cribs and comfortable baby crib beddings and mattresses.

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