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BY: moonlight | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2009-07-28

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Every individual wants peace at the end of the day. Whatever we all are doing actually; that is all for the peace at last. You ask anybody today that what the person aspire for, the reply would surely come -peace-. What peace exactly is? Is it some comfort, material or object? What is it? After all we are doing so much of efforts for it so we must be very clear with the notion of so called peace, shouldn't we?

Today we have become so restless in possessing the things, status, goodwill and objects. Is that all we can relate the notion of peace to? Well it comes in the form of big joke when we actually understand the real meaning of peace and compare it with the way by which we are trying to achieve it. Peace when seen and understood in its real sense is the -stability of mind-. It is not something in physical form but this depicts the stability of mind, non-production of wasteful thoughts and generation of positive and focused thoughts. Now just compare this explanations of peace with that concept of peace that we posses into our minds.

Peace is not at all dependent and cannot be matched with the ways that we all are applying to get it into our lives. Today we are running madly behind luxuries, gadgets, objects and many other non materialistic things to experience the peace into life. But we are ignorant with the fact that the ways we have adopted and most importantly the things that we have attached to the concept of peace; are all FALSE.

The luxuries, objects, status are really going to give you peace? No, these things can give you the comforts but not the peace. Because the moment we say that say that objects, big homes, lavishing bathrooms, watching cinemas, exciting games would give you the peace, that very moment you have made peace dependent. These all above things can give you -COMFORTS- only but not the peace. Comforts are good. I am not at all condemning the comforts and facilities but I am advising here to see the concept of peace with its right perspective.

You can go for outings, fun, enjoyment no harm in that, that is all good for a change into life. But thinking that these all things can give you peace is a wrong belief. As I said that peace is the stability of mind. So, I feel you can stay stable in any of the situation despite of all these facilities are either available to you or not. It is very important to understand that peace is not dependent on any situation or it is not conditional. You want to experience the peace you can feel that in any kind of situation given with the clause that you understand it with a right perception.

When I say peace is non-conditional I surely mean that either you possess a lot of comforts, status and objects or not, you can stay very stable and happy in all those situations. Peace is your true nature. You can stay peaceful the whole day but cannot stay with anger, anxieties, frustrations, tensions and depression the whole day. When your mind is free of all wasteful thoughts and is able to generate focused thoughts only then you can say that you are at peace. By focused thoughts I mean the thoughts to realize the peace only, the thoughts by which you feel relaxed and not restless, thoughts that take you closer to The Supreme Being.

When there is no disturbance into your mind that exactly called as peace. And mind it that more and more possession of objects, status, goodwill, luxuries somewhere creates a disturbance in your mind. It may not be the bigger one but some hidden desires to acquire more of the stuff are also a form of disturbance in mind.

Desires are never ending. If one desire is fulfilled then another arises. More desires means more disturbance that also means more restlessness and that is totally opposites of what we call as PEACE. So, we must understand that how can we attain an unconditional peace? Who can show us the true picture of peace and finally make us truly peaceful? There is one more aspect which I want to discuss about. Peace and silence seems to be the synonymous. When I say I am peaceful I understand that I am silent as well. But if we see the concept of silence in detail we understand that silent does not meant to keep quite the mouth only but it follows the quietness of the consciousness as well. You may shut up your mouth but if internally your consciousness is restless you cannot experience the peace at all.

In my opinion silence is the way to approach the peace. I feel when you are able to handle the silence you are stepping towards the peace. Silence is of two kinds. One silence is that which makes the person afraid of it and another kind of silence makes the person aware and alert and I feel the later only takes you closer to The Supreme Being and peace. Let me clear both of the kinds of silence.

The first kind of silence is the silence which is present beneath all of our negative thoughts. We never want to go into this kind of silence because somewhere this silence reminds us about all of the sins, false actions, negative thoughts that we had produced and performed at a point of time. This silence shouts on us and makes us guilty of all of our wrong deeds. We know that this silence would just shatter the false picture that we have been showing in front of others and would surely show the true picture to us. So we never want to go into this silence. And that is why we see many people who are afraid of silence and they always want to be surrounded by people, because this silence makes them frightened of their action and negative feelings.

And in such a situation the person does not want to get transformed in fact the person is not enough powerful to bring a change so he always want to be occupied with many works, people and makes excuses. Hence in such a situation we carry on with our false beliefs and concepts to attain the true peace.

Now the second silence is the silence that is being shared with the Supreme Being. When the silence is being shared with The Supreme Being it does not make you afraid of your sins but it makes you aware and alert about where your life leading to. Because you share that silence with The Supreme Being so there you are not present to be punished for your sins. But you are truly welcomed by the Supreme Being to get the extreme love, pamper, courage and the motivation to finally transform your life. That is the silence that introduces you to the real compassion of THE SUPREME BEING. The Supreme Being does not make you shame for your wrong and negative thoughts but he beautifully gives you a light of truth to transform all your negativities. When gradually you experience this kind of silence you attain the actual peace that you all have been running for.

I feel we all should move towards this kind of silence because in this silence you are like an open book for the Supreme Being. When we get the tremendous power from The Supreme Being to finish off the falsity we would love to go into this silence more and more. Today every one of us has so many problems may they are related to family, career, atmosphere any particular person or anything around, I feel we cannot get the best COUNSELLER as the SUPREME BEING is, anywhere outside.

Silence is the way to approach the Supreme Being. Do not get afraid of it because The Supreme Being is not going to punish you or to make you shame but he would give you the best solution of all your problems. Try to become introvert and without any fear sit into the silence, talk to The Supreme Being share your every problem with him. This silence only, would make you realize of the most stable moments of your consciousness , you would feel that you are not only transforming but some real hidden wonders are also coming out of that silence being shared with The Supreme Being.

After realizing this kind of silence, you would not stop aspiring for comforts but you would amazingly utilize all those facilities with a deep clarity into your mind. You would be aware of the fact that the facilities are not the peace. Peace is something that can be attained with or without the facilities. Peace is all above the comforts. Peace is the best moments shared with our SUPREME FATHER. Peace is not outside but inside us only. And also remember that where there is peace, there is love and where is love, there is power. Enjoy the silence, see your life with a new vision, and decorate it by the blessings of THE SUPREME FATHER; THE SUPREME SOUL.

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great article
wow such a nice article,m ur fan nw
Jitesh 2009-08-17
Interesting concept
I had never thought about Silence in that way. Thats true, we all are running after materialistic things. Those things were supposed to give us comfort and not that we running after them and ruining our life.
Naina 2009-07-29

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